Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Lights

Turkey Bubble Lights! Donna and Bob(SIL & BIL) gave us these fun turkey lights years ago. I always wanted to do something with them but never could think what to do with them? I think they are for a tree but really.....Turkey lights at Christmas? Finally I decided to make them work on my mantel. Doug helped me was my idea to secure them onto a wood platform. Doug did the work in designing the wood to make it work. Now every year I can just put the delicate turkey lights onto the wood frame.

It's fun lighting up the Mantel ....and fun to watch the turkey lights Bubble. Aaron really gets a kick out of that part. He waits til all the turkey's are bubbling. I added some fall leafs to make it more festive. I kept the Martha Gothic candlesticks up...i am really digging those alot. I might have to keep them all year round. Ha! Just switch out the candles for each holiday. I bought candy cane candles for Christmas for the candlesticks ....BUT....not sure I am going to keep the holders on the mantel/since I usually put up my light up garland. If not in that spot where else should I put my candlesticks??? Any suggestions?

Here a closeup of the bubbling and how we put them on the wood piece. Doug stapled the light string onto the wood and can just screw the turkey lights on or off. They get super hot to make the liquid bubble/another reason I didn't know what to do with the lights for years. I am glad we found a home for them.

Gobble Gobble!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Sandy Michelle said...

Those Turkey lights are quite unique. I hope you had a great Thanks Giving!

Sandy xox