Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Shih Tzu in the SNOW

Well, this photo about sums up our winter thus far. Tons of snow, and more falling as we speak.

We won't have a shortage of snow this year. We already have more than all of last winter. Crazy! I knew it would be bad snow year when our Thanksgiving was White and COLD!

Here a cute pix of Muffin in the snow bank. She wasn't happy at all to take the pix or be in the snow drift. This pix says it all, she is saying-why did you do this to me? She hated every minute of it but I got some good photos of the old gal in the snow. These pixs made it onto our Christmas card this year. Took some snow pixs for our annual Christmas Card. Right after our first blizzard, the sun was out and perfect for photos. I love snow pixs! We all dressed up warm and took some casual pixs in the snow. Some alone and some as a family portrait. Thanks to my handy tripod. Not to worry the shih tzu was warm...she had an abundance of fur(she needed a fur cut/groom job) and a warm sweater and footy pads on her paw mitts. Ha! She was a hoot! She groaned and moaned the whole time. The Shih Tzu hates taking pixs! Especially since I threw her in the snow bank for the photo op. You should have seen her escape when she got the chance. So funny!

Well, this week were getting ready for Christmas. I noticed I didn't post anything since my turkey lights. Jeesh, I am bad! Just so busy with everything these days. I will try to catch up. As soon as I send out my cards....I will post a pix of what I sent out. Happy Holidays!

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Sandy Michelle said...

What a great picture for the card. The things our family members put up with for pix huh? LOL! I hope you and your family have a joyous Christmas!

Sandy xox