Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween(Sunday Night)........made cupcakes, and more cupcakes for treats(no tricks)! We invited our friends and their kids(Aaron's friends) for a Halloween/Football Party. Yeah, it was Sunday football(Vikings) and the guys had fun watching the game before the kids went trick or treating.
Table settings
Aaron made up his table for the kids to party and enjoy. Aaron even made little dinner menu's for the kids and gave them each a marker to use and party favors.

Decided to have potluck for our party: BBQ, Beans, Chips, and Punch and fruit tray.
Took the snowmobile trailer trick or treating/ and tricked it out a bit. The kids had fun riding in the back...and it wasn't too too cold for Minnesota that is!!! Here the trailer with lights on:
Candy loot...the kids got alot of candy! Below is photo shoot I did with Aaron in his costume....he was a root beer this year. Everyone kept drinking out of his straw(LOL)!

Muffin was Jealous...she wants candy too(poor muffin)!!!
sad little shihtzu! ha.....well another fun Halloween! Now onto Thanksgiving....and than GULP....CHRISTMAS! Why do these months just go by so dang fast? Holiday Season is upon us and we just got TONS of fresh snow. Looks like it will be a white Thanksgiving.

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Sandy Michelle said...

Eeek I love Aaron's costume!! The back of the trailer looked awesome all lit up. Poor Muffin..hee,hee!Have a great week!
Sandy xox