Saturday, November 13, 2010

Annual Halloween Party 2010

Halloween was a fun night! The whole Halloween weekend was full of activities and fun. Here some of spooky fun we had over the Halloween weekend. First, Spooky glow from lanterns we prepared for our annual Halloween Dinner Party(Saturday Night).

A photo of the table settings.....did the table a little different this year. New plates: Dessert plates from Grandinroad and dinner plates and cups from Target. I found some cute party favors for the table at Micheal's...and used some treat bags from Micheals for my silverware.

Love the dessert plates......all four had a different pattern and plates are ceramic.

We enjoyed our liquid death and beetle goo ALOT!

The theme was Spooky Ghosty Forest/so I added alot of twigs, Ghosts and eerie lights.

Forgot to take a photo of the food ....all I got was the slim pickin's that was left after we chowed down. LOL! We had the usual: Roast Beast, MashBOOtatoes and gooey gravy, corn on the cobweb, dinner die rolls. Along with our potions of Vino(bettle goo, and liquid death). I also made some Milano Ghostie cookies. I put them ontop of my pumpkin Crustless Pie dessert(with a dollop of whip cream....and put the ghost on top of the cream....they look like they were floating on clouds). I think I made too many milano ghosts tho.....i'll be eating them for along while!!! I covered the milano cookie in melted white chocolate...and added the mini choco eyes and when cooled I added some freaky faces to the ghost with cake/cookie decorating frosting.

We added our ghost this year again too, only this time because we had spooky ghost forest up in the dining room.....we decided to keep the ghost in the foyer only. The ghost worked alot better in the foyer area. We also added a blinky light to the he could be even MORE spooky.

Added a couple photos of Aaron in his pumpkin shirt......he really likes Halloween Alot! He was lucky this year and got to spend his Halloween with some special friends that joined him in trick or treating. I'll post more later about our Halloween Night.

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Sandy Michelle said...

LOVE the labels on the bottles and the manilo ghosts! I bought the same paper plates, so cool!