Sunday, April 4, 2010

Martha Candy Jar Link

I went back to find the link to making the candy jars...cuz you have to see Martha's perfect jars(LOL)! She has those (expensive big jars too)only the best for MARTHA! hee hee(we love her)!

Here is the link to the segment I watched on Martha Stewart.....the link will bring you to the site ..but you will have to click on which segment to watch...just click on the one that says: Candy Terrarium(it will show a quick commerical and than you can watch that segment).

Martha Candy Jar clip

and HAPPY EASTER! It's time for the Easter bunny to creep downstairs and hide Easter eggs/and put out baskets(cuz everyone is asleep). So funny...tonight Aaron was concerned HOW the Easter Bunny would get into the house. He was talking about how the bunny would have to get into the garage......and would have to use etc....etc...he just was chattery about the Easter bunny tonight. Infact, he wouldn't go to sleep cuz we said the bunny would be here in mid morning hours. So he was probably excited about catching a glimpse. LOL!

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