Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Sunday 2010

Finally getting my Easter pixs on my blog. I hope everyone had a great Easter Sunday. It was a very nice day in Minneapolis for Easter Sunday. Everyone enjoyed the day. We had our Easter Dinner around 1:00 pm. So we had alot of time to hang out and enjoy the rest of the day with family.

Aaron enjoyed his Easter Baskets and the finding of the eggs(Egg Hunt). He was really into the egg hunt this year. He even used his egg hunt helper(see pixs of Aaron below-he has it in his hands). I enjoyed Easter dinner alot, and too much perhaps. I over ate...let's face it, smelling that ham all morning cooking.....ummmm! So tasty! The ham was really good and so was the rest of the meal. We make easy stuff! So one can't go wrong with the recipes. I set the table for the festivities, and displayed my decorated eggs on the extra table(food table). Everything basically was the same as last year except for the new bunny plates and the Bunny candy jars as the centerpieces for the table.

Dinner we had Ham, Cheesy potato casserole, sauteed Asparagus, Carrots with Hollandaise Sauce. We also had Tequilaberry Salad and homemade rolls. YUM! I am getting hungry again ...and I have to stop it cuz I am officially on a diet after this meal(LOL)! I didn't get a pix of dessert but it was the same as last year(cherry Cheesecake Pie).

The Guests:

Pixs of Aaron

Family photo time

And you guessed it ...time for the Easter Bunny! We went for a walk with the Crochet Bunny! I like the pix of Muffin riding in the truck. She didn't want to go for a walk-E-walk that day. Too much Ham perhaps???

Aaron giving the Easter Bunny a kiss goodbye for another year of a Fun, Colorful, hoppity Easter Celebration.


Susan said...

We also had a nice Easter. We really enjoyed it as a family.

Your table looks beautiful and that bunny is too cute.

Have a great week!

Sandy Michelle said...

What a great spread! The food looks so yummy and your plates are adorable!I'm glad you had such a festive Easter :0)

Sandy xox