Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter-Eye Candy Fun

These are the Candy Jars I was talking about......that I made.....from Inspiration from watching Martha Stewart the other day. Martha always has some good ideas. I thought I would give it a try. I found some cute jars at Pier 1 imports(the big big jars were almost 50 bucks-yikes/so I went with the smaller jars-20 bucks instead). Only my bunny was kinda large for the jar-LOL!
I bought some Jelly beans-I originally was going for the one color jelly look but couldn't find anywhere to buy single color jelly beans. So I went with this pastel jelly instead. I added some foiled treats inside the jars too. My poor bunny looks like he's drowning in jelly beans~ha! I bought even smaller jars to compliment the larger jar. I added to those smaller foiled choco bunnies.
I am going to use my candy jars for the centerpiece at our Sunday Easter Dinner table.
Below is a pix of Martha's jars....her jars are perfect of course! There is a video on her site of how she made her jars too. I would link but I didn't save it.
smaller jars:

All 3 jars: Not on the table yet
I recently decorated our eggs........remember the kit I bought from William-Sonoma?
This plus This:
Plus this:
and this:

Equals this=

Yes, we made the chix family again...the front chix is mine/Doug made the other two chixs(he's good right?) Love a man that can decorate an egg!!! hee hee
Below is some fake eggs I bought but here is what you can do with em(not the plastic eggs but the one in the box)
Added them to a couple fun glass jars(inherited by my mom-love those jars).

Here they are on display but I moved them to my dining room hutch. I like the glitzy look of those eggs. Have to use them next year too.
Made Aaron's Easter baskets with this this equals this:

Love the sponge bob bucket!
Here they are all together. Yes, he gets alot but he won't eat candy I get him bunch of toy junk instead. Good for the teeth.....bad on the pocket book~LOL!

Made my party favors for Easter Sunday too/for our dining table.

Full of sweet candy goodness(not good for our teeth-and this is the ADULT baskets-yikes)!

Thought I would show my new 3D card wreath. You can tell I shopped William-Sonoma! I thought it was cute even tho it doesn't go with any of my stuff(since this is Victorian cards)but I liked it-so I got it anyway.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Sunday! We are having dinner at our house with the in-laws. Should be a really nice easy going Sunday dinner. I can't wait! We are making our same old meal but that what makes it fun. Tradition-got to love it! I will post pixs of our dinner/Easter Sunday.


Susan said...

Such beautiful goodies! Love the eggs you did and the jars you made up. They came out great. On my list for next year.

Danielle said...

WOW!!!! I've missed so much on your blog in a while ~ sorry about that :(

I LOVE the Easter Eggs you made - they are absolutely beautiful!!!! and the 3D wreath....WOW :)

Aaron is so lucky to have all that loot ~ We love giving out toys and videos too instead of too much chocolate :) So much better than the sugar rush and climbing up the walls ehehhehehehe :)

Sandy Michelle said...

I have to say, I love that wreath!! I also filled buckets with toys instead- to avoid the future cavities! I was admiring Martha's easter jars as well and am very impressed with your versions! I hope the Easter bunny made it ok to deliver the eggs even though there were many obstacles (according to Aaron) :)