Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Weekend-Day # 1

We made a weekend of out of Valentine's Day.....stretched it out over the weekend and here is Day # 1-Friday Night. We were fortunate to have Aaron have a weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house over the weekend. So our romantic weekend started out on Friday Night. My Honey took me out for dinner. We decided to go to an old stomping ground .......a place we haven't been in ages(before Aaron was born and probably not since our early dating years). We went to Nicklow's. Love that place! It's an old ma and pop place...........and has a feel of old time cafe.

Date Night started out with this AMAZINGLY yummy cake Doug bought for us. A cake made for 2! Love it............and it was tasty! Love it!

Nicklow's is located in not such a nice area .....near pawn shops and cement mixer places...BUT it is nested right on a little pond/lake and is a amazing little surprise in Spring Lake Park, MN. I can't believe the owners are STILL there and meet/and greet people as they come in to eat. It's just like walking back in time. When people cared about service and serving people. WOW!

Can tell I took the pix over on the Right before the left got foggy out that night. LOL

We didn't make reservations: and Nicklow's gets really busy-so if your planning to go eat can make a reservation. We didn't mind because just like the ole days before when we were dating/and YOUNGER....we had a little cocktail time. That was fun! It's been so long I didn't even know what to order....but thought a martini sounded kinda fun. I ordered a apple martini............isn't this fun pix:

Of course as soon as I snapped the pix of my martini glass....the guy across the bar asked me if he was smiling when I took the pix. LOL! Guess not too many people take pixs of their drinks. hee hee

Here is my honey once we got our table for dinner. I made him wear that shiny shirt(ha ha ha...he hates those). I love the booths at Nicklow's too...reminds me of old time booths.

I'm enjoying my martini here :

Nicklow's Menu: 1979! I wasn't going to post this pix of Doug but I needed a filler in this space(LOL)!

Dinner was spectacular........Love these older ma and pop places....we got such quality food AND even got both Soup AND salad. We didn't have to choose ....U get BOTH! Nicklow's as you gathered is Greek style food/place but really more American cuisine/but Mr. & Mrs. Nicklow are of Greek decent. I love their yum-E! I had the Chicken Kiev and all that goes with it/the mixed beans side was delish! Doug had the Prime Rib.......I really hate prime rib but he loves it and it looked gross to me but he said it was YUMMY! I'll take his word for it!

After dinner we could hardly move after all that FOOD! It was a really good dinner date. Thanks Honey! After our dinner experience we were in SLP for dinner. So Doug gave me a tour of his NEW school building. I forgot to mention that my hubby got his old/new job back. Remember a few years ago post when he left his old job after 20 some years. Well, after 3 years he's back at his old school district. YEah! We were in the area and I never got a chance to see the new High School Building. So, he gave me a personal Tour. They Just rebuilt the High School............and it's pretty cool. I use to work in the district office(with my MIL)...well, the District Office isn't even THERE anymore. It's now the Parking lot of the High School. LOL! It was fun to see how everything changed and they have a really nice building. Here some images from my tour:

It was kinda dark but I got a shot of the's pretty cool (round) but Ya can't really see well in this shot.
As U get in the building

Lockers and hallways................and the Big SLP in the front as you walk in..........and oh how exciting the BOILER ROOM....LOL! That is my man's favorite place!!! Those are some nice boilers compared to the old boiler room days. Just one of the excersice rooms.

The high school was having a Valentine's Day dance too that night ...........and a basketball game was going on in the gym(didn't get pix of that). After my personal tour...........we went home and had our Delicious cake for 2! It was really a great date night. Thanks to my honey for making the evening so special.

I will post day 2 next post!

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