Monday, February 15, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day~! I hope everyone had a fun Valentine's Day with their sweeties. I had a good weekend with my hubby. We made the whole weekend of it.

I'll post more about it soon. Until than, here are some Valentine EYE candy:

Bought some new baskets and wall hangings. I went to Target and purchases the WORD sayings(Love, Kiss, XOXO).

As with every holiday.....I bought too much CANDY and treats. I ended up buying double of the I could have some to have in my holiday zone. If you remember i bought them for Aaron Kindergarten class. Aaron is enjoying the lollipops alot and so am I. *Yum* along with some kit kats bars and Dove Chocolates and Butterfinger hearts. I displayed my mom's Vintage Candy Jar too. I think it was my grandma and grandpa's dish at one time(not sure)? My sis would remember more......but I do have fond memories of this jar. We use to put the vintage Christmas Candies in this jar at Christmas time. I think its a really pretty dish!!!

Vintage candy Jar
Here one of the word sayings(LOVE) I think it's suppose to hold photo or something. I added some ceramic cupcakes and other photo/card holders to the window ledge. Next year, maybe I will get around to actually putting something in the photo/card holders. LOL!

Kiss................time for the porch decorations and I added the KISS photo holder and added some candles all over.

Some new candles and some old..............................

We found these huge hanging lighted hearts(3 on a string) at Party City. Since there were only 3 hearts per string...we decided to save $$$ instead of going around the entire porch with all of them(like I usually do)....I got a idea to just make the back of the porch the focal point and string more affordable plain red lights on the sides of the porch. I than hung the fuzzy hearts hide the cords and add some shine. I didn't decorate much for Valentine's Day last year(in the porch) so this year we added alot. I like it that romance feel and my hubby and I used the porch this weekend for a dinner for 2 /romance by candlelight. I told my hubby we should have charged money for dinner here in the porch to other people. Could of raised ourselves some money. I think it would be a fun place to dine for Valentine's day for any couple.

I used this photo of the porch lights for my Valentine's Banner. The hearts were a good find...thanks Party City!!!
I will post later our Valentine's Weekend. It was really special to have a entire weekend devoted to Valentine's FUN. I can sum it up in one word really: FOOD! ~ha


Wonderdahl said...

So romantic. Aaron might be a big brother yet if your not careful. (wink).

Sandy Michelle said...

Cute decor! I'm glad you had a wonderful Valentine's weekend!! How do you stay so thin with all the food you prepare??


Susan said...

Thanks for sharing the eye candy, everything looks so nice. I really like the lights, so pretty.