Saturday, February 20, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend-Day 3

The Actual day for Valentine's Day was Day 3 of our weekend=Sunday Feb. 14th! This day we decided to do our annual eat out with Doug's parents. Which worked out really well to pick up our son from Grandma and Grandpa. Usually our annual thing is to go out to eat at a restaurant called: Canyon Grille but because of the awful closed down. So we need a new place and thought of Aaron favorite place to go. It's called the Rockwoods Bar and Grille. Aaron likes it cuz it has trains running throughout the restaurant. Here is some photos I took so I would have something to scrapbook about later. Notice I have my light up necklace and bracelet. I wore them to the restaurant and they were a hit with families that were out for dinner.

Notice I have same pix of Aaron and Doug......I cropped it and put the wording father and son and used it for his facebook profile page. I used the one of me with the word LOVE scrolled on it for my Facebook Page. I even got some photos of Judy and Dave(Aaron's grandparents).
You can see we had a good dinner....again! Seems like all we did was eat, eat and eat for Valentine's Day. Uff! Time for a diet and workout routine. Speaking of: here is a pix of that yummy pizza I ordered from Rockwoods. They have really good pizza's. Love their chicken pizza made with rotisserie chicken and a Alfredo garlic cream sauce. Yummmmm!

Here some pixs of the Trains running around the whole restaurant.....
Lobby and Trains Bridge by the front door
After we went out to eat we went home and just relaxed. We had planned to do more but the weather got kinda ugly after dinner. So we went home and relaxed the rest of the night. It was a good ending to a great weekend. Thanks to my honey for making everything so special and fun for the weekend. Here is a little present to Aaron from Grandparents.......he got a valentine too from his favorite all time fav. LOL!

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Sandy Michelle said...

What a fun place to eat at. That Sponge Bob box of chocolates is too cool! Have fun working on your Valentine's album :)