Friday, February 26, 2010

Aaron's F150 Truck

We've been busy with the craft projects lately. We had to build a vehicle out of cardboard boxes for Aaron's Kindergarten school project. They are having transportation day at school and they wanted the kids to work on a project. You know what that means right? Ma and dad get to work on a project. LOL! Anyway, after all the Valentine's projects I did....I gave this task to Doug. He did a great Job. He made a replica of our Ford F150 Truck. Aaron loves the real truck so this was special, to make his own F150 truck. LOL! I let Doug use some essential scrapbook paper cutter and my Curvy Cutter. Both worked great for cutting the paper into shapes(like the wheels)! Doug used the hot glue gun to adhere the paper onto the cardboard(something I should of done with the mailbox I made). It worked alot better on the cardboard. Here some more views of the truck:

Muffin had to snoop at the truck too.......

Doug did a good job cutting out paper for the grill.....................looks pretty cool! You did a great job Doug!!! You should do more CRAFTS(LOL)! If your friends with me on Facebook....I have a video on there of Aaron driving the truck around. Check it out!


Danielle said...

OMG you guys did such a fantastic job with it....he's going to have a blast playing with this truck!!!!

Susan said...

Very cool! He did a great job on it.

Guilty here... Dad still does the projects. :)

Sandy Michelle said...

Aaron's so lucky to have such cool and creative parents :)

Have a great weekend!