Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Treat Bags

We made Valentine treat bags for Aaron's kindergarten class. It was a process getting them to the school(let me tell you). Here what we did:
Started with a clear bag with hearts on it. I added a personal name tag and curly ribbon. In the bag we had these cute Happy Valentine Boxes( We put pencils, erasers, notebooks and stickers and the toy monkey in these boxes).

I'd get the boxes again, those were super cute and they were like McDonald's Happy Meal type box( the way it opened).

My Theme turned out to be Monkeys. So I found these Felt Monkey Lollipop holders. I bought similar lollipop holders last year(only they were Cat and Dog themed). I had to figure out a way to package the lollipops I bought for the kids...without them getting banged up and broken. So I got this idea to buy these Valentine Cups. Than, I attached the monkey lollipop to a piece of card stock and put it inside the cup. Than I put the lollipops inside the cup with the monkey. It worked great and I packaged the whole cup inside a plastic cellophane bag(along with pencils and a fun Valentine Pinwheel).

Can you say alot of Monkeys in the box! Yes, and I bought all the items thru Oriental Trading Company and Current.
Peak a boo~
Here are the pencils and the lollipops........

You can see here how small the monkeys are that we gave out......I have them hanging out on my Victorian lamp shade. I told them not to MONKEY around!!!! LOL

I made a basket for the teacher too...can't leave her out right? This pen was in the basket. I got myself one was too cool! I bought that at Party City.

I bought the Necklace and bracelet for myself for Valentine's Day too. Thought it would be fun to have blinking lights for Valentine's Day. I gave the teacher the bracelet. The bracelet I purchased at Party City too but the necklace I ordered thru current.

Here is the teacher basket......just some fun items like a candle, light up pen and bracelet, frame and heart saying pillow.
These are the erasers that went to the kids (in their party bags)

and the Valentine pinwheels for the party bags. Took awhile to assemble all the pieces and bags, and toys and such. It went off without a hitch tho and the kids really liked them. It was fun! I think Aaron had a blast handing them out to the kids in his class.


Sandy Michelle said...

OMG you spoiled those kids and the teacher! I LOVE the lollipop monkey covers and I was drooling over the animal themed Valentines box you made for Aaron as well! So cool! I hope your relatives win the Gold at the Olympics here :)

Happy Heart Day!

Sandy xox

Wanda said...

WOW Pauline! Incredible I say! I hope someone at school picks up on your talent and asks you to help with decorating!! You would be fabulous!

Wonderdahl said...

Wish I had a kid in Aaron's class. ;)

Kyra said...

Pauline! What an awesome posting! I just adore all the items that you made and put together... all I have to say is: Where's mine? Haha... I'm a little late... but, I hope your Valentine's was a great one! :o) ¥