Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentine Cards

Here is a quick look at the cards Aaron handed out for his kindergarten class. We used the chipboard characters as the main design. I actually had the cards made(personalized thru Current) and just decorated the inside of the card and the outside envelope. We were able to personalize the cards by his classmates name....(the school gave us a list) and each child was assigned a number to make it easier to pass out their cards to their friends. So we used this for the envelopes....what we did is cut out 2 sizes of hearts(one red, and one pink) and we used the big red heart for the child's name, and the pink heart for the child's assigned number. We used a chipboard character for each child's card.....and I had enough characters to give each child two characters(one inside the card and one on the envelope). Here is my messy scrap area.....I bring Aaron's little cart table up to the scraproom so he can help with the scrapbook project. It doubled for a extra table for the crafts. I used these FOAM stickers for the cards too and also passed them out in the treat bags I made for his class(Yet another post for later...on the treat bags).
Again, the monkey Chipboard characters.....

I used 3D foam adhesive to make the characters more 3D effect and each character had a chipboard word saying that went along with the character. Plus, I even had stamp stickers with the character on them and used those for the envelopes too.

It took longer than I wanted it to make all these cards(ugh)! I had Aaron sign his name on the first card we made and he ran outta room on the card. He got AAR....and didn't have enough room to finish his name. So Like last year for Preschool....I had him sign his name on separate piece of cardstock. Than all I had to do was post it onto the card. I wanted him to help and sign his name. He did a good job! I will be back later to post about the treat bags & party favors we made for his class.

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