Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine Mail Box

Here my first attempt at Helping make my son's Valentine's Day Box for school. I've made one way way back in the day(for myself) but that was along time ago. Thank God for Scrapbook products....makes it more fun, and easy. We started with the idea of making a ordinary box....into a mailbox with working door and flag. My Hubby did that job...........and did a great job I might add! After the mechanical were done....we started to decorate the box.

Here is the project on the floor of my scraproom.......made each side first before pasting to the box. Unfortunately, I ran out of my Xyron permanent Adhesive...and was forced to use my re-positionable Xyron roll instead. Yikes...not such a great idea. The sides, and seams were folding over by the time Aaron brought his box home from school. I fixed it with some scotch tape to hold the seams down. That worked! Aaron wanted to use it for his playhouse after he was done using it for Vday at School. So I had to make it more durable with the he can use it for his rabbit's house(playhouse).

I used the new line by K & Company.....the little characters and paper were fun and perfect for Kindergartners. I even used the Chipboard Monkey that the chipboard was packaged in/for the front of the Box(I just added Aaron's name to the heart cutout and pasted a Chipboard sign that reads, "Happy Valentine's Day". I used the chipboard characters for Aaron's Cards he passed out to his classmates. I will show that a little later in another post. The characters are so cute, Monkeys, Robots, Lions, Frogs, cats, Bunnies etc.....very cute! We bought the handle at Home Depot....and added it to the box so the kids could open the box like a mailbox.

Here the monkey chipboard...I just tore the monkey off the container and used it for the mailbox front. The monkey was too cute for a storage container!!!

Yes, I decorated the inside's a little hard to see here but in the back you can see the shiny hearts(foil hearts paper). I thought about putting another chipboard monkey on the inside flap but instead used the robot logo...since I used the robot paper inside.
I used the circle punch and cut out some characters from the cute paper with all the characters on the paper(glitter character papers). I pasted some of them on the inside flap along with the robot logo.

Here is a closeup of our working flag.....I used some 3D stickers along with some epoxy characters and chipboard words.

I decorated the backside of the flag....with some cutout heart shapes and used one of the Circle punch characters(Lion),and chipboard letters and hearts.

The top I just used the glittery Character paper.....and the back...I used some stickers that reads: Happy Valentine's Day.

I used some cool border stickers for the top lid and used the border stickers for the designs on the front and back of the box.

I also used 3D character stickers for the side without the flag. You can see with the closeup the 3D effect of the sticker. I used a circle punch and the foil red heart paper for the circle each character backdrop. I had border stickers with the characters on them too and used that for below the 3D stickers....and more of the foil hearts paper.
On the flag side I used the same design as the other side but only this time Used the Epoxy Character stickers. They have more of a shine to them and less 3D but have shiny jewels and layer effect to them.

I think Aaron was happy with his box...and the working flag and door flap helped that along. I think next year tho, Aaron has to help out more with his box. You can tell I did all the work. I didn't get him to do much but he did help with his cards. The attention span is not quite there yet...but He does like to help scrapbook(which consist of him playing around with my scraproom TV more than scrapbooking but oh well)!

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Wonderdahl said...

Wow.. That's a work of art! A must keep for the years ahead. It's so cool how it works with the moving parts and hardware. Much better than anything you could've bought!!