Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Squeaky Clean Sled and New Skies

Here is the little green machine all cleaned up and fixed. Notice the new Green Plastic Skies. They work alot better than the metal Skies. It's ready for a spin now. You should have seen my 200 lb plus husband riding this thing around the yard. LOL! He's not suppose to drive it(100lb limit)but he had to drive it around to warm the engine(to change the oil). So funny, I should of got a pix of that. It's definitely made for little kids to drive.

It will be fun for Aaron....this weekend Doug and Aaron go up to the "GUY Cabin" and are taking the sleds to drive around on. It will be a nice Guy getaway(as the Grandpa and Uncles will all be there) to have fun GUY things to do. I call it a guy cabin cuz it has no bathroom(only a outhouse)and no running water(only a little hand pump in the cabin) and warmed only by pot belly stove. Yikes! It's way up in Northern MN, and let's just say this....It's always the COLDEST temps up that way(always hit the MN record for coldest temps). Anyway, it will be good way for Aaron to learn the ropes of driving the sled...as the cabin is on a little island on a lake.....and as you know the lake is frozen solid. Makes for good open space to learn to drive sled. I'm still going to be nervous as ever!!!!


Susan said...

He is going to have a ball on that.
Love the color.

Danielle said...

Hehehehehheheheheh Get him to go on it again and take a picture hehehehe :D It would be so cute to scrapbook!

The green skiis look fantastic on it :D