Monday, February 1, 2010

Little Green Machine

Here the big thing Aaron got....his very own Snowmobile. We thought he was ready for learning to ride a sled. We hunted the Internet for a newly used Kitty Cat sled. Found one...and picked it up for Aaron to drive. The sled is in pretty good shape, the only thing it needed was parts for the shocks and New skies. Doug ordered Green plastic skies to match the Arctic Cat green.

Doug is pretty handy and can fix that stuff. So we got a real good deal on the sled picking it up(needing repairs). Doug has it all fixed up now(he ordered the parts right away). of course, this is only to be used to toot around the yard so Aaron can get use to it. I about panic the first time he tried it out. YIKES! These Cats don't go very fast BUT......faster than I expected and it was nerve racking! It's alot different than driving around his little motorized Car. This is on frozen snow.....around trees and it's a it alot harder to control and stop. Of course, Aaron was getting the hang of it right away but not before HE tipped it over and fell off. Luckily he wasn't going too fast. The snow sled is designed with a cord...and if they fall off the shuts off automatic. Thank GOODNESS! I will be nervous for awhile...Like for the next 20 or more years(LOL LOL LOL)!

It's inevitable......he's in a family full of snowmobilers and guys that like to do GUY STUFF. So it was time I guess. Can you tell I am still nervous about it all?

The black blob near the just dirt. Doug got that all cleaned up too.

Here Aaron is trying to start it up........WHAT? No automatic start on the kitty cats...bummer!!!

I wanted to update our January .....posts....becuz soon we will be posting alot of fun Valentine's Day Projects and treats. Everyone enjoy your February!!!

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Danielle said...

OMG what a lucky little man!!!! I love those little machines ~ they are so perfect for kiddos :)

I hope he has fun with it :D