Monday, February 1, 2010

January Catch Up

Now that it's Feb. I thought I would catch up on our January. Pretty basic...Same old stuff of putting the Christmas stuff away for the season, getting over the holiday rush, and getting use to the cold frigid temps. LOL! I didn't post pixs yet of our Christmas/New Years Party. Here is a few photos from the party. First is the New Years Eve Hat we bought for Aaron to ring in the new year. Pretty cool hat.....lights go around the clock as it lights up. We did our usual watching

The ball drop and eating treats. I made cookies mainly for our party the next day. We nibbled on some as the ball dropped.

Aaron enjoyed watching Daughtry on New Years rock n Eve show(yes, we let him stay up late).

Here some pixs of Aaron in his hat:

Here some modifications I made to the same photo(above).......I cropped it and I thought it looked cooler as a Negative. I couldn't get the annoying bright light out of his hat in the pix. Anyone know how to do that in photoshop?

Here are the cookies I made....They looked burn in the photo but they were not burned. They were tasty! I just made easy spritz cookies for the party. I know...there are alot of them right? I made a double batch but I knew I needed alot for the party. I send everyone home with their share of cookies. I also made Candy Cane cookies again. Probably the last time I make them. Just too hard to make and nobody enjoyed them at all. I guess everyone like the spritz better.

The Christmas/New Years party went my cookies on display to eat.

We Decided to get Famous Dave's BBQ for the party. I went out and bought this TRIO Crock Pot System(from Target). I've been thinking of buying these for the many get togethers we have at our house. This seem like a good buy. I am happy I did...worked great. We kept the famous Dave's we ordered warm in these crocks. We ended up getting Short Ribs, Georgia Pork, Beans, Coleslaw from Famous Dave's...and I added some favorites we make as well. Our fav. are BBQ little smokies sausages, BBQ Meatballs and Chip Dip and Veggie Tray and Punch. I think Aaron drank about half of the punch(that kid and punch)!

Famous Dave's BBQ Rocks!!!! I like they gave us a bunch of wipey naps......I put them throughout the house in these bowls. Um.....with all that BBQ...You bet I did that!

My Veggie platter.....and our Family room set up for Eats(notice I am obsessed and put blanket on the WHITE couch(so no BBQ sauce spills would be easy to clean up)LOL!

Took some pixs of My boy....he's getting so big! It just amazes me how fast they grow up. Speaking of I will post next post of what Aaron got after the holidays. It's big!

MUFFIN!!!! She's sure is messy in 2010(LOL)! Speaking of updates for was just Muffin's Bday on Jan. 29. She is now 12 years old. Happy Bday Muffin!!!


Sandy Michelle said...

Happy belated birthday Muffin!! Aaron must be thrilled with his new ski machine! All the food you made, just made my mouth water..LOL!

Have a great week!


Danielle said...

We let our kiddos stay up late too :) They love it!!!!

WOW...that 3 crock-pot thingy looks AWESOME :D I need one of those!

LOVE all of the pics :D