Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 2010 and Vacationtime

Happy 2010 a little late! We were busy having our Christmas Party on New Years Day. I can't believe the holidays are already past. They just went by so quickly.

I thought I would post my video from Vacation. This is my family in our Fjord cottage at Cove Point Lodge Resort...In Beaver Bay, MN.

We had a good time as usual at Lake Superior. I wish I could bring the Fjord home with me and the view too(LOL)!

I finished my Christmas cards at the lodge too...and sent them out not a moment too soon. Sent them from good ole Beaver Bay Post office.....Funny story is we were going to send them out in Silver Bay, MN but they closed their Post office down for an HOUR for lunch break. Can you believe that?(gotta love small towns). That was the DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS and everything. Crazy right? I can't get use to small towns shutting everything down so early too. If you want to eat out or shop you have to do so before 8:00 pm. Sometimes even earlier. I complain here in town when things close before midnight(walmart or Grocery store etc....).

Here is our family Christmas Card

I used winter wishes theme cuz of how late I would be sending them out this year. Plus, we took the winter shot outside this year. We did manage to take our family photo out by Lake Superior...only the sun was peaking in and out of the clouds. This shot looks cold but it really was 28 degrees(not bad)....just a few hours later(and a day) this is what superior looked like

Crazy cold, wind, waves......and only to get worse. We decided to go home(Minneapolis)early and we were glad we did. The Northshore got hit by the winter storm really bad. We would of been stranded on Christmas by the lake(which wouldn't of been so bad really)! We really wanted to be home for Christmas tho and we left that night instead of checking out the following morning. It just started to snow when we got home. Perfect timing. I could tell by the how the lake was getting rough it would be bad storm.

In Minneapolis it wasn't so bad, my sister in Grand Forks, ND got alot more snow. It was bad enough to postpone our family get together with Doug's side of the family. Doug's sister in Hibbing couldn't make it due to the weather. So as I was saying, we had our party on New years Day. I will try to post some pixs.....later....and some of New years eve.

Meanwhile here some of my favorites from up at the northshore and taken with the new Canon:

Made this into my banner above....love the sunrises over Lake superior. This was taken right thru the picture window of our cottage. Didn't even have to go out in the cold to take the pix. Great view to wake up with isn't it? I love the cotton candy clouds too!

Here some family portraits from our family photo shoot out by the lake-The photos that made it onto the family card:

Had to crop the bench/stool Aaron was standing on/so some of the background got cut out

Used this cute shot of Aaron.....and reused an old pix of Muffin...Cuz Muffin didn't go on vacation with us(no Dogs allowed at the resort-poor Muffin)!

We were outside for awhile taking photos.....Here some more that Didn't make it onto the card:

Than I took some fun outdoor pixs for test shots for the camera:

Like my furry hat? LOL.....some of those closeups are kinda scary!!! My hubby takes better pixs with my new camera than me tho...boo hoo! I need to work on it. Figure out the settings!

Than here are some of the scenic favorites during our vacation:

I haven't beat my all time favorite shot from this very spot last Feb......perhaps the sunsets are better in frigid temps? The pink sky is so pretty! I think I got lucky getting this pix/shot with my old camera that hardly worked last Feb. It's still my favorite of the Northshore.


Sandy Michelle said...

WOW I can't believe you had to post pone Christmas due to the weather! The pix are gorgeous and I love your Christmas card! Enjoy your free time now and good luck with your goals for the new year!

P.S I'm no perfect mom-that's for sure! I lose my patience all the time with the kids..

Sand xox

Susan said...

Such beautiful pictures. So pretty there.
Love you holiday card, thinking of doing one next year.

Happy New Year!

Danielle said...

WOW...I love the pictures you took!!! They are gorgeous :)

And THANK YOU sooooooo much for your beautiful Christmas card ~ it's still on my tv stand :D Kennedy thinks Aaron is cute hehehehehe ;)