Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Gas Stove

Part of the fun of building your own (porch) or anything for that the fact that one can keep tweaking the space or improving upon it. Well, at least that's how I look at it...cuz our porch has been a ongoing project. First, it was just screen porch, than we wanted windows, than we insulated the the new change is warming the porch. We loved my ma's little electric stove we put in the porch. However, it proved to be not efficient enough heat source for those frigid winter temps. So, we decided to put in a real Gas Stove. Only we really like the look of my ma's little electric stove. So we got the a gas stove that looked similar in color and design. The only problem with the new stove is........we wanted to vent it directly out the back(no stack to the ceiling). So in order to do so and make code work........we had to move the window higher in order for the direct vent to be away from the window to follow code and work. I wasn't thrilled about moving the window up higher...cuz it would ruin the flow of the look of the porch. All the windows were level with each other and I liked that alot. However, After Doug got done with the turned out real nice and it works better with the stove. So it wasn't as big of deal as I thought. Only a construction mess for a few days. I tell you it was worth it....we love the stove. It really is going to heat the porch nicely. We got a gas stove with little BTU' it wouldn't over power the porch with seems to be perfect. Now in the winter we can run the stove on thermostat and keep it maintain heat in there. Here is the stove ....on a nice cool night.....warm and cozy!

This stove the doors can open or you can close them............

We also put a major door on the door going to the outside. Before it was just a screen door. Which worked great for maintaining the heat in the porch too. So, now we almost got our screen porch ......working for year round use. LOL! I think it would have just been easier to make it into a 4 season from the start........but......ya know...we like doing things the hard way!

I know I've been absent from my blog alot......Aaron got sick with pneumonia. Which wouldn't have been so bad but we ended up in two different ER's cuz we didn't get the right diagnoses right away. That a long story and a frustrating one. It pretty much took up our whole month of March. Remember his truck we made for him in my last post.....yeah...that one. Well, that when Aaron got sick and he wasn't able to celebrate with his class transportation day. So we made the truck ......and he didn't even get to use it. Kinda a bummer for the little guy. Oh well! that the way it goes sometimes.

I'm gearing up for Easter....I will post some sneaks at Easter soon.

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Danielle said...

It's beautiful!!!! That room is just sooooooooooooo gorgeous ~ you did a fabulous job with it...and that new gas stove is the perfect touch :) Especially for those chilly spring nights!