Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

I didn't get time to post pixs of my new Christmas tree. Our old one was getting to hard to assemble. So we swore we would get a new prelit, 3 section tree...and more tall and skinny for my narrow family room. My old tree was shorter and very wide. This tree works out alot better for the space. Doug loves it cuz it's easy to assemble(LOL)!

I did switch out my theme for the new tree. No more red berries. Those were nice for awhile but not real easy to make look good every year. So I bought a few new ornaments and went with a traditional (Bulb) look instead. I like it alot. I usually only use white lights......but I found these really cool LED garland bead strings. They really made some nice color to the tree and they double duty as garland beads. This tree was a Martha Stewart Slim 9ft tree.

Some closeups of the LED beads. They look nice on/and Off.

I got new stairway garland too/from was already pre decorated but not I had to put lights on them.
We decorated Aaron little playhouse too. Here some photos:
and here is the video of it....kinda need the video for the sound effect(jingle bells)!

Of course the porch again this year was festive:

look thru the windows and you can see the snow that we got during Christmas snow advisory/storm. We made a good decision to get back early from our little getaway up on the Northshore. Turns out Duluth, and the Lake Superior northshore area was hit bad by the winter storm. So we were happy we made that decision to leave the night instead of waiting for the morning. Minneapolis didn't get hit too badly. It could have been worse.......and it was so warm today the snow was melting and it rained. Weird!

Our Christmas plans did change because of the weather. We made it home but Doug's sister and bro-in-law didn't. They were stranded up in the Hibbing area. So, they did not make it to our house for Christmas day. We postponed Christmas until New Years Eve Day with them. Doug's parents that live in town did make it to watch Aaron open some gifts. So our Christmas was a little plans were put aside, and we did things on a wimb(like we never do...LOL)!

We had a good time with Doug's parents and made them a last minute ham dinner. Our Christmas day I don't even have pixs of our time. We basically just hung out and was casual the whole day. Just real relaxed and didn't do much. Aaron played with his new toys, Doug slept in(like he never gets to do), I slept in(like I always do(LOL), and Muffin had a good time sleeping, eating, sleeping , eating, sleeping eating....LOL! I have very little pixs to show of my Christmas......because it was so casual. I did get some...and by the looks of my photos.....I need to practice on my new camera(ha)! I think I had it set wrong or pushed something wrong. That's ok
tho, I didn't take much anyway. No worries!
I did manage to catch this moment of video much fun! Aaron really got into opening the presents this year. I just wish I could of got a video of the previous gift he opened instead of the one i did capture....LOL! Doug had to explain what the present was, as it was in a large box, and not put together. It wasn't a toy, we had bought him a chair for the computer area(one his size). We also bought him a computer hutch/desk to go with it. Anyway, he was a little more overjoyed with the previous gift which was the handy mandy work bench/repair shop thing. LOL! oh well! Sorry bout the vid too....Aaron has a little of the plummer "crack" showing at times. I can't seem to find pants that fit him. Ha! You can tell we were casual I didn't even comb the poor kid's hair that day. Jeesh! I like the photo with the big present(red bear wrappings). Notice the tag?(Santa tag)...Aaron's Grandma saved that tag........(as she used it for Doug when he was a little boy). she saved it all these years to use on Aaron gift. That's vintage and cute idea. Now i have to save it for Aaron's kids someday. Yikes, I am not as good as saving things. I will try!!!!
Muffin got a new pet pillow.....poor Muffin. Her eye was hurting her. She takes allergy pills and sometimes they tend to mess up her eye. So we have eye ointment for that purpose. She did like her new pillow but.............

She is a little "BIG" for it. Oh well, she seems to not mind much? Ha ha ha....poor Muffin! She's getting quite the large back end. She needs a doggie diet for sure!

That is our Christmas in a nutshell. I will try to post about our time spent at The Cove Point Lodge Resort. We took more photos and video up that way. It was fun time. It made the holidays very rushed but well worth the hassle.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and fun Christmas season!

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Danielle said...

WOW....I love your beautiful decorations and your tree!!! Those Martha Stewart trees are incredible and I love the skinny/tall trees too....they take up less space! I think I need one too...ours is huge!

I love all the great photos!!!! Glad you had such a great Christmas :)