Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 09

Finally some Halloween Pixs! Here is Aaron in his spotted dog costume. He's kinda a fat little doggie(we had to put his heavy puffy winter jacket underneath).

I told him to make a woof sound when people gave him candy. LOL!

He sure makes a cute doggie! I will miss the cute outfits for Halloween. Seems like the older kids get(especially for boys) the ugly and scarier the costumes get.

No matter what age....in Minnesota for Halloween...it's almost always freakin cold! So it has to be a costume they can wear with enough room for a coat underneath. Otherwise, you have to wear the coat over the costume and what is the point of that???? That stinks!

I was going to put some black makeup on his nose and around his eye...but it did work out too good. I thought Aaron would just end up smudging it all over the place.

I thought he kinda looked like the michelan man with this puffy coat underneath. LOL! Get it? the arms on the sleeves are like the Michelan man arms(only his is white). You know? the Michelan man...tire ad....guy...cartoon? Oh well, guess I am the only one who thinks weird thoughts. LOL!

Some photos of Aaron by front entry: some of my favorites

Here more of the trailer we used for Trick or Treating. Some of our favorites of the Trailer inside and out.

The candy Loot! Believe me there more candy than in this shot. This is just what I took pix of at the time. Aaron doesn't even like much candy(if you can believe that). Anyone want some candy?

As if that wasn't enough.....I gave Aaron a special treat that day for Halloween. A very big Green/black Lollipop. He loves lollipops. Here he is enjoying it.

That pretty much sums up our Halloween this year! I will post later of our Halloween Dinner Party.


Sandy Michelle said...

Love yours and Aaron's skull shirts and he looks so warm in that cute costume! Thanks for your well-wishes for my son! He also likes lollipos only :0)

Sandy xo

Danielle said...

I just ADORE Aaron's costume!!! He's such a cute doggy :D And the trailer is such a fantastic idea!!! LOVE IT :)