Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Trailer

We decided last minute to use our snowmobile trailer for trick or treating. We didn't have much time...just a day. We ran to our local farmer and found some hay bales & cornstalks. We had lights and banner. So we decked it out in lights. We didn't have much time to fix the kinks(maybe next year we can work on that more). The kinks: Lights used up too much wattage, and we were only able to use half the lights we picked up. My hubby even added a thingy(girl tech term...LOL)to make the lights work. It was still too much wattage. I think mostly cuz we had garland lights instead of regular twinkle lights(that use up less wattage). It was ok, but everytime we went over a bump or stopped it would make a annoying humming noise and the lights would go on and off/on and off. LOL! Aaron hated that! Otherwise, the snow trailer was a hit! We only wish more people and kids would have joined us. Everyone we knew was either sick, or doing something else. What a bummer! Maybe next year!

Trailers are the popular mode of transport in our neighborhood(cuz we have acreage lots)for trick or treating. So the kids can't really walk between houses. It would take forever. So either people take trailers or SUV's or some 4 wheelers. I was so ticked...I missed a tricked out trailer lastnight. I was passing out the candy for awhile and was getting bored. SO, I took my turn going out in the trailer with my son. Only I missed the other trailer that was out and about. I guess it was decked out like a sleigh(go figure? for halloween? Christmas?). That would have been really neat to see.

Another bizarre thing we encountered on our trick or treat of our neighbors had a really really really LARGE TV(I think it was one you can rent)outdoors and it was PLAYING. The wierdest one was watching it, and no one was at the door for the trick or treaters. So weird. it was like everyone vanished or something. The TV was super loud and had some really strange MOVIE playing. Kinda creeped us out. It didn't help that they lived on a very quiet cul-de-sac street. Maybe they were punking all the trick or treaters? It was really strange. It looked almost like a drive in movie but without anyone watching or there.

It was a fun interesting night. How did everyone else Halloween go?

I will post more pixs later of Aaron in his doggie suit and more of the trailer.

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Sandy Michelle said...

I have never seen a Halloween trailer before and it would have been a HUGE hit at our place! The TV playing at that house- was real creepy indeed! Our Halloween sucked cause Lucas got H1N1 and Pneumonia and so we sent the girls to the relatives for the weekend. Sigh...