Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Annual Halloween Dinner Party 09

Hosting our annual Halloween Dinner Party for family. Didn't have time to "fix up" myself much but wore my Witchy hat I found at Festival Foods of all places. It's fun hat....it has a skull/crossbones hanging from it and you press it and it plays music. LOL! As you can see the dining room is ready for the dinner party. Dinner was in the oven and getting ready for festivities.

I wore my black kitty cat shirt: Doug thinks it's really an appropriate shirt cuz it says "wicked Kitty" LOL! Kitty is one of the various nicknames he has had for me. I told him I could wear this shirt year around(hee hee).

The table is set and ready with all the treat bags and goodies and party favors.
As you can see my table is full of stuff......not much room for the eats! You can see the ghost too!

Here closeup of the felt treat bags and the party favor candy corns.

Aaron's Place setting...he made the pumpkin candle(with the dixie cup). It lights up with one of those flameless candles inside. Aaron is pretty inventive kid. He was so proud to put it on the table. He helped me out alot ....decorating the table. He really enjoys it all. He was real excited to put the character cups out on the table with me. He assigned everyone their character cup.

Couple photos of the centerpiece and candles lit.

My extra table(cuz the dining table is always FULL) holds the FOOD! Here is the salad. YUM! Tequilaberry's salad(we don't make this...we order it from local market...it's so tasty).

Here is the FOOD.....Had Roast Beast(beef), with corn, carrots, potatoes and gravy, rolls.

I took the photo of the food table cuz I plum forgot to take a pix of my plate full of food....I scarfed it down almost before I forgot to take a photo. OINK! It was tasty! Nothing better than a roast in the oven all day long cooking. We had 2 roast cooking. The smell was just so good in the house.

We had Monster Mash Cupcakes for dessert. I wish I could take credit for these tasty cakes....but we ordered them. They're very fun cupcakes. They have marshmallow ontop with some icing(fondant?)over the marshmallow.

More cupcakes: and for people that wouldn't like the monster cakes.....I picked up some regular cupcakes too. Aaron with his grandma..................and the fun creepy hand he made at school.

Aaron worked really hard at decorating his table for Halloween party too. Isn't that cute? He was setting it up for his friend Rabbit(stuff animal) to eat for dinner. Aaron also decided to try out my witches hat. He looks better in it!!!

Thanks for stopping by........and see you next year at our annual dinner party. This year it was the dinner party that almost didn't happen. We've all been so sick but luckily got better like within week of Halloween. I'm glad we were able to have our party. It was a fun time again. See ya next year.


Anonymous said...

Your house always looks so beautiful for your dinner parties. Great photos! :o)

Sandy Michelle said...

What a fabulous party and I love your shirt! I made those creepy hands as well this year :)