Monday, October 12, 2009

October Winter

I know I should be use to Minnesota weather but this is just freakin ridiculous! It's suppose to be fall color season at peak right now. The trees haven't even lost all their leaves yet or turned colors. I think it's safe to say that our autumn is a bust!!! What a bummer, it's usually my favorite time of the year. Although, I've been sick most of it too. I ran into problems with my bronchitis and ended up in the ER last week. No worries, they gave me tests(Xrays) and all was clear in my lungs(From Pneumonia). Just severe Bronchitis with Influenza. Could be the H1N1 virus but they wouldn't confirm. My whole family is sick right now. Sick house around here. At least the weather is good for staying in and relaxing. LOL!

Look at the bright side right? I have some more photos of our 2nd snow. yes, this wasn't the first and it won't be the last. I just hope we get snow December and January so we can snowmobile. I fear we will get snow in Oct. and it will be just light to no snow in the winter. The way the weather is going lately. We had unseasonable COLD weather in July. Unseasonable Hot weather in September and went right to WINTER in October. Crazy!

Good ole Midwest....we love it!

Remember I said that the old farmstead in Northern Minnesota SOLD. Well, I spoke too soon and the sale fell thu. What a bummer on that too. I jinxed it by saying anything. Next Time i will wait till closing. LOL!

On a good note: I've been so sick I haven't gotten my Halloween stuff outside yet. Saved from the snowfall. Maybe by the time I get well....the weather will warm up and the snow will be gone? Let's hope!

Muffin had to put her footy's on and she HATES them so bad! Keeps her paws from getting wet and cold.


Danielle said...

OMG Already?!?!?! We haven't even had any yet...that is so strange!!!

Global warning I tell ya :( Very scary!

Snow is beautiful, but not this early!!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Gosh I sure hope you get better soon and what the he#@% with that snow!!! We had the same weather as yours but no snow yet (hope I don't jinx myself). Can you imagine if it snowed on Halloween? Yikes!!


Susan said...

Hope that snow is gone and the some warm weather is there. Gosh, gives me the chills just thinking about the four letter word.

Sending you well wishes.