Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ghostly Fun

Check out our ghost in the hall entryway. He's fun! Might be kinda dark cuz I wanted to capture the strobe light.

Here a new set of lights......wondering where's a good place for them?

New pumpkins too...but they will move to the outside doors soon.
New ghost lights too.

Nothing new with the friendly ghost...just was fun to post a pix with my new camera. Of course, last year we got the porch sign going and the caldrons. Did the samething with the porch this year. I do have a new banner sign....I'll take some pixs when I decide where to hang the banner. I am thinking the entry way outdoors. Will see?

Another view of the ghosty....with more light perhaps?


Sandy Michelle said...

I love your decor and your ghost sounds scary. My kids are still too chicken for me to play creepy music on Halloween.

Sandy xox

Danielle said...

I just ADORE your new pumpkin and ghost lights!!! They are sooooooooooooooo cute :) LOVE the motion/musical ghost too.... ADORABLE :)

Susan said...

Very cool! Everything looks great.

Anonymous said...

Great lights... I love your little ghost guy with the sneakers on with the trick or treat bag. I think I have asked you before where you purchased him... but I have long forgotten... please remind me. He is just too cute! :o)