Thursday, October 1, 2009

October TIME

Yeah! it's October!!! Wish I wasn't sick. I got a bout of Bronchitis and it's bad. I'm hoping it won't last another few weeks. I want to enjoy my October. I've been sick off and on for month now so I have to be close to done with the sickness right???

Gearing up for Halloween even if I've been ill. bought these fun Luminaries from Bed Bath and Beyond.

I took the pix with my new camera...what do you think? I have to try lighting them up and taking a pix. I'll let you know how that works.

I even took a new video with my new camera. It's suppose to have better HD quality vid....let's see how it worked:

I couldn't figure out how to rotate my video the ride side up. LOL! Aaron decided to be a Spotted Doggie for Halloween. here he just tried on the outfit we bought from He needs to complete the outfit by wearing black leggings and black undershirt etc...but he enjoyed the costume. Here in the video Aaron was trying to copy Muffin. She has a disgusting habit of rubbing her buttocks on the floor. So Aaron was copying her here. Looks pretty bad and even worse when the dog does it. She is gross!!!

Here some more pixs I took with my Camera:

I love this spider cake on the cover of Country Living magazine. Doesn't it just give you that Halloween feel? October and Halloween are just the best! I still need to get out my decorations too. I bought some new Halloween decor for the front stoop. I was getting tired of the same look. So I am going to try to make the front door different this year. Besides that my scarecrow men are falling apart at the seams. I think I am going to try to reuse some of the stuff I have and remake the entry way. Will see? I have some ideas in mind. Here one more video of Aaron but this one is completely sideways. I don't think I can rotate it. I've tried several times with no luck. You will have to turn your laptop sideways(LOL)!

The video doesn't seem that great to me...but than it is alot better on my computer/versus the blogger version here. I was going to post it to my facebook account but couldn't get it posted on facebook at all. UGH! Facebook is even more frustrating than blogger(if you can believe that)!

Happy October everyone, can't wait to see everyone's Octoberfest fun!!!


Danielle said...

Big Hugs...hope you feel better soon!

I love the new luminaries you got - they are so cool :) I love EVERYTHING's my favorite holiday :D

Aaron's costume is ADORABLE!!! Pottery Barn rocks :)

I think the pictures and the video are great! What kind of camera did you get? It's great!

Sandy Michelle said...

Ha,ha I laughed when your son was doing the butt rub! Your new camera is nice and clear. Have you seen Martha Stewart's Halloween issue?! Hope you are 100% better soon!


Wanda said...

Loved the butt rub!! Man, Aaron is growing up! I can't believe it - how can he and Drew be this old already!! I LOVE his costume. So cute. I wish Drew would be cute but he always has to pick out some dark scary costume - gone are the days of bumble bee and Care Bear!

Your camera and video looks great. Hope you are getting to feel better. Man, that's too bad that you are so sick. From Beth's experience - it takes a while to get over bronchitis.

Susan said...

Sure hope your feeling better soon.

Your pictures and video came out great. It took me awhile to get use to my camera, still getting use to it.

He does make the cutest spotted dog!