Sunday, September 20, 2009

I think it's still summer

I think it still summer time outside. I'm going to put up my fall time banner....just so I can hope for fall weather soon. I haven't posted in last post about Muffin and her surgery. She is fine now and her eye has recovered. She is now just as cussy as ever...LOL!

We have done alot in last month since I posted. We went up for a short little getaway in Brainerd, MN. That was fun! Found a new resort near Nisswa area. What a charming place. It was called the Good Ole Days Resort. The resort was located in the perfect spot. Just 6 blocks from cute downtown Nisswa(very touristy town) with lots of fun shops and eatery's. Plus, the resort was right on the Paul Bunyan Bike Trail. So we brought our bikes and Road to town. So much fun! We ate at the local favorite pizza place. Very good pizza! One night we went to Lost Lake Lodge Resort(nearbye) and had a Top Chef Style dinner. We could of saved our money cuz the pizza was alot BETTER and alot CHEAPER!!! However, the experience is what was worth stoppin in at Lost Lake.

We want to stay at Good Ole Days resort next year....only this time rent a cottage for a week. The resort had the best layout for kids. Great swimming area for young kids and all the bells and whistles to rent boats, kayaks, paddleboats, canoes etc........

Here is a view of the grounds from our deck. We stayed in the lodge room(as we made last minute reservations...and every place was so booked up)We were lucky to get a room here.

Aaron having fun on our deck looking out at the lake. We been to alot of resorts but this by far was the Cleanest and well kept grounds we ever saw. Really nice!!! They had nice outdoor grills everywhere on the grounds for guest to use. We really want to go back next summer.

Some Lake Views: here is the swimming area beach. The resort has this massive steel dock going out in all directions. We took the pontoon paddle boat out for a try. That was so nice! We didn't take our swim suits cuz we were there only overnight and so briefly. What a bummer, we didn't realize how nice the swimming beach would be. Aaron missed out but he did get to play with some nice kids on the playground area. This was a great family type resort.

The lodge of the resort had a free breakfast(continental) and this is the area to lounge and enjoy TV(common area). The main lodge was so cozy and it had a screen in porch that lead out to the lake. Really relaxing. Here Doug and Aaron enjoying Fox news(LOL)!

The landscaping and grounds of the resort was just as nice. Check out the flowers...

The flowers at the top of this post are some from the resort too. We wanted to do something with Aaron before he started school. So we decided last minute to travel to Brainerd area and enjoy what was left of the summer. Only it's still SUMMER outside. It's been in the 80's here. Crazy hot for September. I like it cooler, and really wanting Fall to show up soon.

Speaking of Fall, we are gearing up for our family fun for Fall time events. Like Halloween(my favorite, and harvest time fun, Thanksgiving). We already done our Labor Day. Doug and I anniversary was on the 2nd, and my birthday was on the 4th. Doug took me out to dinner at a fun Italian Restaurant in town called Spasso. It's near the Lake Minnetonka area. All I can say is it was YUM-E! I had the grown up mac n cheese...and Doug had the pork chop. It was a nice casual atmosphere but with really great food.

Aaron started his first day of Kindergarten after labor day weekend. He is really enjoying school. It's an adjustment for ma to get use to Aaron being in school all day long now. WOW! Time really has flown. Here is Aaron his first day of school......
No his rabbits didn't go to school with him(LOL)!

Let's see what other news .....oh yeah, the family farmland and home sold. We were left to sell my ma's home after she passed last year. We had the home on the market thru the summer and it sold. I'll have to post some pixs of the ole homestead. It will be weird that it won't ever be in the family anymore. Lots of memories................swimming in the river, working in my dad's fields, playing with the neighbor on our bikes and four wheelers, and snow sleds. I remember going to chop wood with dad on the river with the snowmobile. We'd haul our own wood to burn in the family room wood burner stove. Like I said, loads of memories.

Did I forget to mention....I have a new camera now. WHOO HOO! I have barely tried it out yet. These pixs are with my old camera. I will post new photos when I get enough nerve to try my new camera out. I got another Canon Powershot. I had such luck with my old one....but this new canon can do so much more than my old one. I have to get used to another camera again. I'll try to get pix of the camera and model. It's suppose to have much better video capability too. Will see? My old one was so bad with videos. I'll post more later. Nite everyone!


Anonymous said...

Great post... What a lovely place, and great photos too! Aaron is getting so big... I hope that he is liking school. How is Muffin doing? Gotta check in on the pup too. :o)¥

Susan said...

It does look like a really nice place to visit. The grounds are just beautiful. I love vacations.

Happy Belated Birthday! Small world, I was on the 4th also.

Have a good day.

Sandy Michelle said...

What a beautiful get-away! I'm glad aaron is liking school. It must have been hard for you to let him go. Glad Muffin healed well too!

Sandy xoxo

Danielle said...

Oh's a Canon Powershot - just never mind my question from my last comment hehehehe :) I love the pics you took with it :)

Aaron's first day of school picture is adorable!! He looks happy to be going to school ~ I think the parents have a harder time than the kiddos when it comes to the seperation. I found it tough, but the kiddos did great :)

OMG that place you went to looks incredible!!!! What a perfect mini vacation :D

I hope Muffin gets better soon too!!! Poor little thing :)