Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Easter Fun Ideas

I am getting excited for Easter. I just shopped online at William-Sonoma and picked out a few really fun Easter items. One item was a egg cooker......it's not just for Easter but it will be very HANDY for Hard Boiling the eggs(and poaches the eggs for Eggs Benedict). I've been searching for one for awhile now.

I bought a 70x70 Easter themed tablecloth. It was kinda expensive but.....I will use it every year. No worries!

I haven't decorated Eggs for a real long time. So I picked up a fun looking Easter Egg Decorating Kit. I can't wait to have Aaron help me out with the decorating of the eggs. There was even a video to give ideas on how to decorate with the kit. Easter Egg Kit Video. We need a fun Easter project.

Speaking of Fun Easter Projects.....maybe you ran across these adds before(or maybe not). I thought I would share them in case you didn't. Really cool Easter Projects. One is a table setting idea and the other is a fun craft idea. That table setting is absolutely cute(I love the Purple little plate). The grass and egg are super cute too. I plan on shopping soon for even more fun Easter doo dads. Maybe some fun things for my dining table/place setting. Some fun for the porch too. I'll let you know if I find anything cute!!!


Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! I hope your days are getting warmer. All my sisters went on vacation too- which is why I had to take off. I'm glad your Husband managed to find another job. I heard how bad the economy is getting there and I hope it doesn't affect us later. Anyway, you got me in such an Easter mood! I am hosting easter dinner so I am going to take that idea of putting an egg in a cup full of grass :) Have a great week!

Sandy xxo

Susan said...

Love the tablecloth and the Easter decorations. Cant wait to put my things out.
Hope all is well.

Danielle said...

WOW...I love the things you picked out!!! Especially that Egg cooker :) I need one of those!!!!

I'm anxious to see the little eggs that Aaron decorate ~ they're going to be sooooooooooooo cute!