Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Green Curio Cabinet

I've been looking for just the right storage in my kitchen for this corner. I wasn't sure it would fit but it does. Only it's kinda tall but in this corner....I think tall is the only thing I could have made work? It's a real small space. I needed some storage for my Candles and things I put in my porch off season. I thought this would work with the decor. I can put some other things that look nice in there too. I put my ma's Easter Bunnies figurines in there for now. It was the perfect spot for them. Mom would be happy they have a home! I bought the other Easter Items(Green, and Pink Target).

IT's a little weird putting a curio in the kitchen and in a corner spot. I can always move this furniture piece into the basement and get something else......if it doesn't grow on me in this spot. Awe, someday to finish off the basement(that would be nice)! To dream!!! I have a Settee in the basement I am not even using right now. Would look really cute next to this curio cabinet someday!!!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

What a beautiful cabinet!!! I love it and I think it looks perfect in your kitchen :D

Have a Happy Easter weekend!