Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Kit

I decided to pick up a project for myself for Valentine's month. Making Memories had a real cute kit, and I figured I have alot of supplies left over from making Aaron's friendship cards(and I did). So I hope I can start this little scrapbook project soon! I bought some embellies to go with the kit(some extras).

and some random photos of Muffin with her Valentine Bows! I can't say I like her Fur cut(grooming). We really miss her former groomer(Sandy), she was the best groomer and so sweet. every time I bring her to someone they never cut her topnot area right. It always looks too shaggy. The poor dog has paw problems too. She has crusty, scaly, red soar paws. They stink too, like a fungus, or yeast??? The vets can't seem to help her and quite honestly were tired of paying 50 or more bucks to bring her in/and they never seem to help. I've been trying to pinpoint the problem myself with no luck(online). If anyone has any ideas or suggestion on what I could do for her paws or what the problem is.......The vet gave us some solution but it didn't seem to work at all. Poor dog! She has had multiple problems in last couple years. Poor thing!

Well I have to run here. Going to the Fjord I talked about. LOL! I will explain later. Have a great Week.

Unre-lated PS:
Oh yeah, for you LOST fans out there: Hurley LOVES Shih Tzu's!!! My fav. part of Lost this season was Hurley wearing that I love shih tzu T-Shirt. Keep your eyes open for Ace of Cakes. If you ever watch that show .....they make elaborate cakes. Well, they are making one for the LOST cast. I read that on Jorge Garcia's (plays Hurley) blog: Dispatches from the Island.


Danielle said...

COOLIO about the Ace of Cakes episode...I'm so going to watch that one!!! I can't wait to see it :D

Poor little muffin, it's horrible that they can't find what wrong with her paws! I do LOVE her little Valentine's bows...too cute :D

Millie and Me said...

Your little Shih Tzu is sooo cute. I was looking for other blogs that included this breed, I have a little Shih Tzu and love to hear about others. Sorry about her paws, mine never has that problem, though her pads peel off when they get too thick... hope you don't mind me finding your blog.