Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Friendship Cards Finished

Remember the supplies I used for Aaron's Friendship cards? Here is a pix of all the supplies and the example of the card I was going to make.

Below are pixs of the finished cards. 24 in all. The cards were simple to make. I just used the Pattern paper that was double-sided.

I cut the 12 x 12 paper in half(sizing it up with my template(example sheet). Than I used the scrap piece for the pocket. Since it was double sided I used the flip side of the pattern for the pocket part. The scrap piece for the pocket was a little short. So i used some colored cardstock first and placed the pattern scrap piece over. If I would have done better math(oh so bad at math) I could have avoided this extra step. However I didn't want to waste any of the pattern double sided paper. I was able to make two cards out of one 12 x 12 sheet. I used one spring loaded sticker per card. One of the sheets of pattern paper had cute images on it, so I cut them out into squares and used them for each card as a embellishment. The rest I just cut out heart shapes and used stamping(since I had alot of Valentine stamps). I either used stamps or used the paper ribbon borders for the pockets. I added the bling Hearts to the pockets. Real easy project and fun. I had scans of last years valentine's project, so I used those images of Aaron for the back of the cards. Just so kids would identify who gave them the card. I don't know alot of kids names, but know their faces. So it nice to put a face with a name. Aaron also had to sign his name so I had him write it out several times and cut it out and pasted it to the back with his photo. The lollipop & the felt animal stayed in the pocket just fine, but I wanted to secure em down a little since were dealing with kids. So I used a 3-D pop up foam sticker adhesive to secure each item to the paper. Just incase the kids tip them upside down or something. I didn't want their lollipops to fall out and break.

Here are the cards:

This Is what my scrap table look like when I was done!

Just some more cards on the table

Here is the backside of the cards, notice the pattern paper is fun!

Here are all the cards if want to take a peek at them all. This is mainly for me to look back next year and document what I did(LOL) Since the cards are gone! LOL

I didn't leave the teachers out either. I bought them a special treat. I bought them some candies from Target. No, I didn't make the boxes but aren't they just packaged so nice! I didn't have to scrapbook those, it was already done for me at Target for 3 bucks! I just added Aaron's Photo onto a cardstock and put his name and added a tag at the top. The packages had Candy hearts and some other candies inside.

Luckily my cards fit in the paper sacks the kids made for the Friendship cards to hold. They were a bit on the big side. However, it was all I could come up with to fit the lollipop. I think the felt animals were my favs. I bought them from Oriental Trading Company and it only cost 4.00 for a dozen. So it cost me 8.00 all together. If one was handy with the sewing machine...I am betting it would be easy to make your own Felt animals or felt anything really. Maybe heart shaped felts to cover the Lolly's? I am NOT a sewing person, I don't even own a sewing machine( I am bad, I know)!!! So it was worth the 8.00 dollars for me. *wink*wink!

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! I will show you tomorrow what goody I picked up for myself for Valentine's project of my own. Until than Have a Great Cupid Day!

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Sandy Michelle said...

OMG his teachers are sooo lucky! You are such a thoughtful and generous person! I can't wait to see what you bught for your next project!

Sandy xox