Thursday, February 19, 2009


I promised a explanation of the Fjord. Ok, I am not in Norway or Europe or anything like that. However, we are staying in our Fjord at Cove Point Lodge in Beaver Bay, Minnesota. We love Cove Point Lodge and Resort. Every February we try to make a winter getaway for snowmobiling. This year we looked for the best prices but Cove Point Lodge always has the good deals on the North shore. For a added Bonus Cove Point just built some new villas called Fjords Village of Cove Point. The resort just opened them this fall. So they had a really good deal during the week, pay for 2 nights get the 3rd FREE and we also got a 40 dollars Free to eat at their restaurant(which we are going to use tonight-yippy). So it was a good deal.

So it's costing us the same as if we had stayed in the small lodge room.
The inside of these Fjords are super nice. Very north woods decor with a Scandinavian twist. Love it!
It's just too much Fjord for us(Muffin and Aaron stayed home this time). Aaron had school and there is a no dog policy at Cove Point(the only down fall to this wonderful resort is it's not dog friendly place). We have a whole loft area and bedroom upstairs we aren't even using. It would have been great place to stay for two couples to each level has a bedroom and bathroom. The family room and kitchen are a little small but it works and it has amazing views. Panoramic views of Lake Superior. Some of the Fjords are right on the lake ...some are behind the other Fjords on the hill but can still see the lake. We've been having fun just relaxing and enjoying the view. We didn't even take the snowmobiles this time around. There is enough snow but we just wanted to be super lazy and enjoy the Fjord instead. I am glad we did, cuz it's super cold outside. The last couple nights it's been crazy wind gusts that make it feel like our Fjord is going to fall into the lake. LOL! I'll post more pixs when we get home of the interior and some pixs of the Fjord.


Susan said...

Cant pass up a deal like that, looks like a beautiful place.

Sandy Michelle said...

It looks like Georgian Bay here in Ontario! I'm glad you got to go away for a bit- and for a great deal!


Danielle said...

WOW...that place looks incredible!!! I can't wait to see the pictures of the inside :)