Friday, February 27, 2009

More Fjord

Finally got around to posting my Fjord pixs. I can't believe it's been over a week since our mini vacation at The resort and the Fjord. I wish I were at the Fjord right this minute.

Here is a pix of our Fjord. This is a double Fjord/2 Fjords together. The one we rented was on the right.

These Fjords are available for purchase. I guess it's up to the individual if they want to rent them out or not. I wish I had some serious money lying around I would purchase one for sure(LOL)!

Some more views of the Fjords Village. This one was behind ours(on the hill)but it was a single Fjord and Not connected to any other one. You can see the pathway they have and the path goes to the Main Lodge(Cove Point Lodge). So ours was a easy walk to the Lodge.

Cove Point Lodge's Sign
Some pixs of the inside of the Fjord. Here is the Kitchen Views: It's a pretty small kitchen but it surprisingly was very efficient. Altho, there was only 2 of us to use it(wink, wink)!
upstairs loft Northwoods decor Great Room Jacuzzi The loft and extra Room
Some views outside our window in our Fjord. I caught some good Morning views of Lake Superior.
Bedroom Deck Sun shining on Lake Early Sunrise Closeup
This is my fav. Photo ..............I caught this right before we left. Wonderful Pink Sky Sunrise...You know what they say, Pink in the morning.........Sailors take warning(LOL)! Love the colors in this photo and I was just lucky to have caught this sunrise. The Lake was icy cold and the pink sky is just dancing off the lake. Love it!


Danielle said...

OMG OMG OMG....I would TOTALLY go there!!!! Those cabins are amazing :D

I don't blame you for wanting to buy would be gorgeous to go in the summer & fall too! WOW :)

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics with us ~especially that gorgeous pink sunset! WOW!!!!

Danielle said...

Oops...I meant sunrise!

Susan said...

Beautiful, that's is a place I would love to go and visit. The pictures were great.

MNScrapbookmom said...

Such a lovely place... wish our cabin looked like that inside.

(That's next!) getting rid of all the paneling that exists in ours on the inside.

Love the photos, and hope that you had an ultra relaxing time. :) ¥