Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Painting Trim

Painting these little squares (very Annoying)! Look at how many I had to do by hand(with a small brush).

well it wasn't that bad but I had to do several coats Plus a base paint of Primer.

I also painted the window trim ........but they were easier cuz I was able to use a roller.

I was happy to finally get to work on the porch too. Painting, is something I can help with and I helped fill the nail holes with putty once some of the trim was up on the walls. We are almost done with the trim. Just have the ceiling to do.

I am so glad that Doug got already pre-white vinyl for the floor boards and the ceiling. We only had to paint this window trim. We would have bought pre-white vinyl window trim but they didn't have it and they had this kit ...................so this we had to paint.

I have a sneak peak of the almost finished porch and the color we painted on the bead board. Will post soon.

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Doodlebug said...

Sounds like hard work to me!