Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fresh Minty Green

Yes, we decided to stick with the mint green. I prefer to call it light sage(LOL)! This color grew on us and I was afraid to go with a darker shade of green. Although, I will always wonder if I should of went with that darker shade..................I did like that this color looked a bit more old fashion on the bead board. It really looks totally different in the sun/and direct light and at night when it's darker. Just depends on which way the sun shining on it. Here is the finished window trim up on the windows. We wanted to make the porch feel old fashion feel but with updated decor. I think my couch I picked will look good with this color. This color is a little bit lighter than the couch. So it doesn't fade into the wall(the couch). We have our ceiling fan up too and you can't see it in the photo but the fan has heavy scroll designs on it. That is what made me buy that ceiling fan. Good thing I didn't buy it for the lighting because that light is pretty useless. Gives off very little light. We decided to go with the white ceiling and the white trim work. I wanted the ceiling fan to not blend it so much and be a focal point to the vaulted ceiling. I was thinking of blending and getting a white ceiling fan but I liked the look of this darker fan. plus, once i get my black furniture's and rug in there..............it will make the fan look tie in more. Right now it looks funny with nothing in there and the ceiling trim isn't up yet either. We don't have the electrical covers on yet in this pix but there up now.

Here is a pix of the little corner trim piece we put in. Too bad the couch will cover this up. this is the only corner the couch will fit. So it's going to cover all that fun trim up. Oh well! This is the vinyl baseboard.

Another pix but before the trim was up.........and you can see it looks lighter green in this photo.

Here it looks a bit darker and before we put trim around the windows. It's nice to almost have this project done. Still a bit more to finish the deck and lots and lots of landscaping. We are hoping to make a patio off the deck(out of paver material)and put a fire pit and chairs. So we can have our bonfires.

Oh yeah, Here's a couple pixs of Mang-E girl. New nickname for poor Muffin. She has her final shot tomorrow from the vet for her mange problems. Her skin is already clearing up. The little bugs must be dying. The second shot is for precautions to make sure all is killed. Here is hoping this ordeal is over!!! Can you tell she needs a fur cut! The groomer wouldn't take her with mange of course so she is really due for a grooming. Poor muffin!

My mom is doing better too, onto recovery and PT.


MNScrapbookmom said...

Love the new room!!! Love the green...
Poor muffin... she needs a hug. Poor puppy dog... ¥

Wanda said...

I LOVE the porch Pauline!! It looks GREAT~~and the colors are wonderful. Glad you didn't change the green.

Thanks for posting them. I can't wait to see your furniture in there as well.

Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that green color you used. That room looks awesome!Can't wait to see the room finished.

Susan said...

You picked a wonderful color.

A Novelist said...

I love that shade of green; would love for my kitchen to be painted that color. Nice work! ;)