Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Busy with the YUCK

Been busy with the extreme "Gross" factor around here. Remember THIS POST along time ago? Almost one of my first posts. Well, turns out we still have that problem and it wasn't an easy fix at all.

We recently brought Muffin to the Vet because her fur was falling out by her ear. I knew she had problems and I still suspected she had some infestation of some kind. So, we finally went to another vet. Actually it is the place we use to work(Pet hospital). They got us in right away and Muffin had a multitude of problems.

She is getting treated for MANGE! GROSS! There is four different kinds of mange. The one she might have(Long story) is Sarcoptic Mange. Which is one of the easier one to treat but hard to diagnose. Thus, why we think she might have mange. The vet did a scrapping and it was negative but usually it's really hard to get a scrapping from the animal and see the mange. So, if the dog has all the symptoms of Mange they treat it even without a positive test.

It's really weird she would get mange but maybe she caught it by going to the groomer? That is the only place I could think she would pick it up. She's never around other dogs at all.

If you don't know what mange is, your lucky(LOL) but Mange is a mite that burrows into the dogs skin and lays eggs. This can cause extreme itching, skin irritation, hair loss etc...... and they can effect humans and bite but can't live off a human(sometimes called: Scabies). I haven't seem to been effected but did get some bites on me that I thought was caused by mosquito. Happened right after I combed muffin too.

I am still not convinced she has mange. I am seeing things in her fur, visible to the eye and that wouldn't be Mange. My vet says it can be skin droppings from her itching and sore skin. Will see. Muffin had a shot(can't remember the name off hand)and in two weeks will go for a second shot. If the skin clears up than we will know it was mange. Until than I have to clean, clean, and clean and disinfect the house. Make sure all Muffin's bedding and favorite hang out spots are treated and cleaned so she doesn't get reinfected.

I wish I would have gave her frontline PLUS all year around. I will do that from now on for sure. I have read on the Internet and even the vet confirms this....that frontline will kill most any parasite, infestation and PREVENT them from ever happening. I do give her frontline Plus but usually only during wood tick season. It's going to be year round from now on, so no more bugs!!!

I am so grossed out.................and I feel really badly. I haven't given Muffin any HUGS and Kisses since the treatment. Too scared now of getting BUGS! LOL! Poor muffin she's depressed about it and I won't let her sleep near me either. At least not til her mange clears up(or if it does)???

On top of all Muffin's problems she also had conjunctivitis again and multiple ear infections. She's on all kinds of pills. The poor thing! Ear drops, Eye drops, antibiotics, allergy pills. She is not a happy doggie!

That's why I haven't blogged in awhile or visited blogs. I did peak at every one's blogs ...just didn't have time to make comments and such. Cuz, besides all this my mom is still in the hospital(but out of ICU), we are right in the middle of finishing up the porch(finally my time to help with painting and all that)and it's just been crazy.

To think July is coming up and that is our crazy busy month. Aaron bday, July 4th, and city celebrations, family visits etc.....................just alot going on and we haven't been able to take Aaron camping yet this season. We do have to make time for that soon. Hope we can fit it all in.

Sorry just rambling about all the stress. On happier front, the porch is coming along really well. Almost done(with the inside, still have to finish the deck part). Wow, we painted and it looks so different. To add to the stress, the paint I picked out I didn't end up liking. Not sure if I will change it yet? It looks too minty green in the sun. Not really the look I was hoping for, but might try a darker shade of it tomorrow. We did decide to do the ceiling white, and the trim white. We picked out baseboard, and crown molding. I got to say, the porch looks more like a 4 season than a screen by the time were done with it. Which is what we were aiming for so that's a good thing!


Patty said...

I hope Muffin is soon feeling better.

Sandy said...

Oh poor Muffin!! I'm glad mom is at least out of ICU! It's nice to see you're back to working on your porch! Hugs! Sandy

MNScrapbookmom said...

Oh... Poor Muffin... She will definately need some love when this is all over.
Porch does look great, can't wait to see it when it's all finished.
Glad that you mom is doing better. Take Care... ¥