Monday, June 23, 2008

Finished Porch(no furniture)

I know I just showed a pix of the porch but here is the finished porch(ceiling trim and shelf we added). Here is a before(during construction) and an After pix.

We added the ceiling trim and the shelf since I last posted. The chain hanging from the ceiling is the for the bench swing. Yeah, it's pretty close to the ceiling fan but it clears it pretty good. LOL! We planned that out so no worries! We made an all around crown molding shelf/so I would have a place for things and also to add the rope lighting. This happen to be our favorite part of the whole porch. Great night lighting effects for cheap. Love it! I will post soon with pixs of the furniture. We put all the furniture in tonight and it all fit but it's tight squeeze. I like to call it cozy tho(LOL)!!!

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