Monday, June 23, 2008

Finished Porch(with furniture)

Here is the porch with furniture.........1st pix without pillows and next with pillows and things on shelf. I still have alot to get for my shelf. Maybe find some vintage looking signs? For now I just put my fox weather vane up there and a couple lanterns.

Pix of the seating grouping


Dining Bistro Table(I haven't gotten my tablecloth yet but had this one in my table linen collection. It's a little too dark green. I haven't found chair pads either yet.

Bench Swing(I think we might have made this swing too high but it can be adjusted)

Couch(My Dh hates when I put so many pillows on the couch...he thinks he has no place to sit...LOL!) I plan to bring back some of the pillows. I haven't decided which ones yet. So I am trying them out first. No worries, I still have the tags and I kept good care of them.

Black Rocking Chair(note to self.....keep chair away from Vinyl baseboards...will make a horrid black mark on the trim work...learn this the hard way). Otherwise, this chair works good in this spot.
Little Green Shelf(Was going to put this by the rocking chair but the area was getting it fit in this nook by the doors. Can move it around it needed!)

The Rug(wish I would have unwound it from it was all bumpy when we put it down on the floor.....hopefully it will straighten out soon)!

The shelf:
Here a couple pix of what the shelf is good for.....displaying fun items or Mood Lighting at night. It was hard to get a good pix of the lighting(rope) but it really adds alot in the evening. Makes the whole ceiling glow. Oh, and I can't wait to look for fun things for that shelf. May take while to fill it with things.

Look, I think someone is peaking over the bench swing? Aaron fav. new place(the swing)! Speaking of:

Aaron's favorite place(he like swinging that swing, he fits nicely on the bench).

Muffin's Favorite Porch Spot: The couch(of course)!
First picnic in finished porch. Aaron really likes picnics! The best part......NO BUGS!

Other uses for the Bistro Table(this is how we ended the night). More mood lighting with lanterns.

All we have left is to finish the deck and our porch project will be completed(well, and landscape). I will post more pixs when our decking gets done of the outside of our porch and deck.


Sandy said...

WOW!!!! It looks gorgeous!!! I love the colour scheme and sofa! Wish I could hang out there with you!:)

MNScrapbookmom said...

Pauline, this is just fabulous !!! WOW... everything is so lovely !!! You are a wonderful decorator. I also love all the pillows,and... the swing,... and everything. You have done an amazing job here!!! I am going to have to show these photos to my hubby... ¥

Craft Girl ! said...

I just love your porch.It looks soo wonderful. Right out of homes and gardens. Ahhh great job !

Elaine A. said...

This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the green and black together. I am sure you will enjoy this for years to come.

Danielle said...

OMG Pauline....the porch looks INCREDIBLE!!!!! I just love the color combination with the green, black and white - so crisp and elegant!!!!

I adore the pic of little Aaron on the swing and Muffin on the couch...too cute :D

I just love the rope lighting on the top of the shelf...adds so much romance/mood for the night :) hehehehehehehhehe

FANTASTIC job on the porch!