Monday, May 19, 2008

New Landscape Lights

We worked really hard this weekend on our yard and rock beds. Had alot of weeding and fixing up of our plants and shrubs. In the process, we bought our new landscape lights. Here are the ones we picked from Home Depot. You can't see on the pix but they have crackle glass. See my of weeds(those nasty weeds).
These lights are alot taller than our old lights. I like they put out more light too. I think they will look alot nicer once the plants grow too. Usually our old lights would get buried by the plants cuz they were so short. These lights shouldn't have that problem at all.

Here is our spotlights on the bench. These are smaller and put out way more light. Looks nice shining on the bench.

Had to get a pix of the Dh on his tractor working hard til it got dark outside. Poor guy! He's spraying the yard for dandelions........we had too many, and it was too windy out during the days to put the weed killer on the yard. So here is the dh doing just that. I like the moon tonight. I couldn't get a good was getting pretty dark.

Another view of Doug working hard. We got the yard picked up in one weekend. Pretty good huh? It needed it but we lost out on a weekend of good porch working weather. Bummer.....We did buy our bead board and insulation for the porch today. So were ready to get started on the interior. Which consist of the ceiling and little bit of baseboard and trim work. Not too much to work on with mostly windows. I bought some paint chips at Menard's and Home Depot.....and narrowing down the paint colors. I will share soon about paint. Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

The new landscape lights look great!

MNScrapbookmom said...

Landscaping and those darn weeds and rocks. You are in good company. This is sort of what we did last weekend... nice vacation for me. We put our time in that's for sure... Almost two full days.. which also included our shopping excursions. Only two to Menards. I am now on a hunt for good Solar landscaping lights. It never ends...

I love that you have been posting about your Seattle Sutton meals. They seems alot more interesting then the Nutrasystem ones that I have heard about and seen... I need to do something quick - I have completely fallen off the get fit wagon... :(

You seem to like all the items that you are getting right? and I love the adding a little cheese honesty... that's too cute.

Let me know if you are seeing a change weight wise...

Great posts... ¥