Monday, May 19, 2008

Meal Day #6

Sundays meals............. Breakfast: Open Face Sandwich with Pineapple Juice. This meal was really good and kinda like egg mcmuffin type thing.

Lunch: Lasagna Roll ups with sauce and broccoli salad. I thought this would be good but hence the white funky tasting sauce was inside the roll up. It had a slight hint of that taste to it and that made me not like it at all. I gave most of it to the Dh. The broccoli salad or whatever it was called? was really good.

Dinner: Chicken and Swiss Casserole with corn on Cobb and Applesauce. Notice I don't have the applesauce. I made some roasted potatoes with rosemary since I don't like applesauce. I made sure to make the portion small(LOL). Just didn't seem like a hardy enough meal. I didn't eat the corn on Cobb either. I don't like corn on the Cobb. It taste fine I just too lazy to eat it that way. I don't like getting it in between the teeth. So the spuds were my substitute.

The Casserole was really tasty. Just chix with cheese but it had broccoli inside and it was so good. I love a casserole.......I could have eaten several squares of this...good thing it was portion controlled.
Just about done sharing my week of meals. After two weeks of eating these meals and dropping soda pop. I have gained two pounds............................ha ha ha! I have choice words I could say about now....but I will just say this.............Diets suck! I am ready to go back to pop. LOL! Maybe it's all that extras I've been adding. I think it's because I eating more than I usually do. I only usually eat one big meal a day. The experts say that isn't good but I haven't lost weight yet doing it this way???? I thought dropping the pop would help but doesn't appear to matter that much. I am less bloated, and did fit better in my jeans the other day. Maybe I better give it time??? Will see............otherwise, it's Cherry PEPSI baby! YUM

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MNScrapbookmom said...

Love the Pepsi Comment... even on weight watchers, I got to keep my pop. Thank goodness... food changes I can deal with - just don't mess wiht my Pop... :) It's such a terrible addiction, but I could be addicted to worse things I guess... ¥