Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I wish I could say it was a good Memorial Day Weekend but it wasn't. My Mom had a Massive Heart Attack shortly before the weekend. She lives in Northwestern Minnesota. The nearest hospital is Grand Forks, North Dakota. So we went up to visit her in ICU. It was a crazy week. First, my mom was having unrelated symptoms all week. That's what got her to go in to the Dr. and they sent her home. Than couple days later, she couldn't feel her leg, or hip and fell to the floor. She literally crawled to the phone. No one was around, my mom lives in a rural area. So her neighbors were gone. She finally got ahold of a friend and she drove her to the Hospital. At that point, the Dr. kept looking at the unrelated problems and gave her an IV. At that point they must of done test and confirmed finally that she had a heart attack. So they sent her by ambulance to the Grand Forks Hospital and put a stint to unblock the heart. My mom had two blockages. I only wish Mom would have called 911 instead of trying to get ahold of neighbors or friends. Than, they would probably have pin pointed her problems faster and got that stint in to clear the blockage faster. In not doing so, and in the confusion .......I think that probably why her heart died. She had to put a pace maker in to keep that side to work on the heart. I hear within 20 minutes....those stints should be put in to unblock or damage could be done(like what happen to my mom). It's so hard when they live in such a rural area. Everything takes time. My dad collapsed and died of heart attack in our rural area. I have to wonder if things could have been different if we lived in a city near everything and minutes from Hospital???

My Mom is out of ICU now but she is still weak. I think she is antsy to get outta there soon. I don't think she will get out before the week is over. They wanted her to go to Phys. Therapy afterwards. So she will be busy trying to get better. The dr. told her she had to quit smoking. My mom smokes and for years has smoked heavily. I have to think that is why she had her heart attack. I don't know if she can quit. I hope so..........I know my niece is a pharmacist and she says there is a drug out that really helps people quit smoking. I can't remember the name of it off hand but it sounded like it really does work.

Here is a cute pix of my Son Aaron with my nephew Neil. We went out to eat at Grizzly's in Grand Forks and Neil is so funny. He thought it would be cool to get a pix of them sitting in this cow chair. LOL! Neil is so fun!

Sorry the quality of photos here.....taken with our camera phone. I don't think it takes great pixs but I had to get a pix of Aaron in front of this old gas tank at Grizzly's. So cute! My Sister, Charline, Lorie and Francine were up visiting mom in the hospital too. We ate out together in between visiting hours. My sister's Son Neil was with us too. He goes to UND(University of North Dakota)So he was already in town. He is taking some summer classes at the U. Aaron didn't get to see his Grandma. Only 12 and older are allowed in ICU. So we had to take turns visiting mom. As Aaron had to stay in the waiting room.

I want to give a shout out to my sis Franny. She doesn't get Internet but Still.....I wanted to thank her for letting us Hang out at her place in Grand Forks. It was a sudden visit, and very appreciated a FREE place to hang out hat while visiting mom in the hospital. Here is a pix of Aaron on Franny's couch. He's watching Videos on the laptop.

If the weekend wasn't crazy and hectic enough........My sister, Wanda was in town(They live in Indianapolis) moving her Daughter in town(Mpls/St. Paul). Her Daughter Paula got a job working as Pharmacist here in Minneapolis. So they were here moving her into her new swanky apartment. We took this pix near Lake Calhoun. Looks like such a pretty day huh? It was getting close to evening actually in the pix but before we went to see my sister.....we got a heck of a bad storm in town. You would never know it from these pixs. Coon Rapids, and Hugo got Tornadoes. The one in Hugo was really bad. A F3 and it killed a cute little two year old boy. It so sad!!! We were down in our basement but only got hail and wind and rain.
Just add that to the wonderful weekend we've had.......LOL! I thank God things could be worse and were thankful mom is ok, and everyone is oK. That's all one can hope for!!!

Me, Aaron and Wanda near Lake Calhoun.
Sailboat on Lake Calhoun.......................................
A quiet evening at Lake Calhoun in the heart of Minneapolis/Uptown area.


Sandy said...

Oh girl what a scare!! I'm so glad your mom is ok!The drug to quit smoking is called Champix (I don't think it's the correct spelling). However, your mom has to check with the Dr if she can even take something like that. I took it and it made me nauceous but it WORKED! hang in there girlfriend!

MNScrapbookmom said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mother. The drug I think you are thinking of is called: Chantix and made by Phizer. I know someone that is on it - and doing well. I am glad that the stent seems to be working - they are amazing little works of art. Hopefully she will recover swiftly - please mail me if you need to talk or vent. {{HUGS}} Kyra¥

MNScrapbookmom said...

P.S. I never even got photos of my new Landscaping lights... but they were all destroyed in the storm. So sad... we had waited so long to get nice lights and then poof... three days later they were all demolished by huge hail. Oh well... could have been worse right? ¥