Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rainbows are Pretty

We've been getting alot of these lately....Pretty Rainbows.

First storms and than showers and a nice big rainbow. The weather was just hit and miss today. First, sunny and hot .....than storms with hail etc...and than the sun would pop out and create a rainbow surprise(with the rain).

This rainbow is special. Our Neighbor seem to have a Wedding Party at his home for his daughter and this was directly over their home. The bride got every kind of weather. Sun, Rain, storms, hail, rainbows etc........It was sure a site. Even our tornado sirens rang out and all the party goers next door just stood outside and looked at the storm approaching. Kinda Crazy weather!

I got this shot and the next is just the rest of the rainbow, I couldn't get the rainbow all in one shot.

Here is a pix of the hail, we only got a little bit of hail and it was really tiny. Good Thing! We already got bigger hail awhile back. We seem to be getting alot more hail these days....UMMM?

Probably can't even see the hail in the photo. Just tiny pellets. Good day of storms but no tornadoes this time. That's a good thing!

PS-I wanted to Thank everyone for the get well wishes for my mom. She is doing really well and is in Phy. Therapy now to regain her strength. She should be able to go home soon.

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