Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter 08

Happy Easter Everyone!

Guess what we did lately? Yep, went to Mall of America(MOA). This was a few days ago(always late with my posts).

We met up with Doug's relatives(some local and some from Duluth and some from Finland(country). We ate dinner with the relatives. We had a great time and so interesting to learn about Finland ways and culture. I wish we had more time to visit with them.

Aaron got a little antsy so we had to leave but we shopped a little on the way out the door.

I spied Williams-sonoma Store. So I picked up these cute Towels for Easter.

I love the bunny motif and the pink and green colors

I am falling asleep here I have to run and sleep to get ready for EASTER SUNDAY. Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter Dinner and time with family.


Sandy said...

Great tea towels! We have a Williams but there are still many stores in the U.S that haven't come here yet. BTW, I watched that show with the animals that are words. It's pretty awesome!

Happy Easter Sunday!


Danielle said...

WOW....sounds like you had a fantastic time at the Mall of America ~ looks like a fabulous mall :D

TOO COOL about meeting up with so many of Doug's relatives...especially the ones from Finland! We went there last time we went to Sweden....what a beautiful country :) Love the people too!!!!

LOVE the cute little Bunny towels that you picked up :)

Hope you had a Happy Easter!!!!

Liz said...

Those towels are too cute! Hope you hada great Easter.