Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter 08

I know this is a little late posting but here is our Easter 08 festivities. Aaron loved his baskets and here is a cute Easter bag that Aaron got from his Uncle Bob and Auntie Donna. The bag is super cute!

Aaron did enjoy his scanner toy from his grocery cart toy/game. He is busy scanning everying in sight.
Here some pixs I took of Aaron on Easter Morning. I bought him the shirt from Target .....a fun color for Easter.

I love getting pixs of Aaron laughing.
Here is the table set for Easter dinner. Not too different from last year. I found those little buckets at Target and filled them with Easter grass and Treats. I stamped everyone's name on their bucket and put it as a party favor on the table. FUN! The treats were good!
I bought these Easter Egg Candles at Target too. Thought they would add some color to the table.

More views of the Easter Table

My place at the table and my little bucket of treats.

This is Dave's(MY FIL) spot at the table

This was our Easter you can see.....Same ole things but tasty just the same! I added some hollandaise sauce for the meat and the asparagus tips. That was a hit and I have to remember to do that next year. Thus, why I am writing it down here so I can remember next year!!!

My MIL gave this cute buggie bag to Aaron and guess who ended up eating all those fun looking candy bugs? Yep, I indulged in the chocolate feast! Such fun packaging.
Below is a photo slide of our Tradition: taking photos with the crochet bunny. I think Aaron is going to look back on those photos and chuckle. Either that or he will look back and parents are crazy! ha ha ha .....either way, it's a memory to remember. TFL!


MNScrapbookmom said...

You always have such a lovely spread. I am so envious of your creativity when it comes to your table that you share with others. You truly have an artistic gift ! Aaron is looking so grown up... Happy week late Easter dear friend. :)¥

Sandy said...

Once again you pulled off a wonderful dinner party! I just love the bucket place settings Pauline!:)

Tammy said...

Pauline, your table was so pretty! The buckets are so fun! Cute little guy, you have.

LeslieinTN said...

Beautiful table for Easter - love those egg candles especially. Cute photos of your son.