Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gearing up for Easter Word World Style

This WW poster is so cute! I had to share all the fun word world items we purchased for Aaron. This Poster was in a DVD he will be getting for Easter. This show is so cute for kids and it's so educational with the spelling. So unique how they make everything in WW spelled out. Aaron just loves this show.
Target just started getting a line of toys out from WW and we bought a few for Aaron's Easter basket.
Below is a pix of the Word World Map. Notice how everything is spelled out. Sweet!
Maybe if they had a show like this when I was growing up I would know how to spell better today(ha ha ha)!
The show is just so cute, the other day the show was about Ant, and he wanted to be bigger. So they just added GI to ant and it spelled "GIANT". So Ant grew into a GIANT .....ant! Clever ways to make children learn spelling.
The map is too much fun................................and I love bug below.
I was busy getting Easter baskets ready. Aaron was at his Grandma's house(MIL) and that gave me the chance to fill the basket..........while he is away. Here is all the loot. Alot of it just dollar bin items for his eggs. Some are WW items and DVD and books. Aaron isn't into candy yet. So we have to be more inventive with his basket. Can you believe a kid that doesn't like candy much?
These are egg fillers below....................................................
More Basket items.
This is one of the WW items from Target. The kit was like a scrapbooking kit for kids. Ha ha ha.......It had markers, Stamps, Stamping INK and Stickers a book to put it all in. I bought the little tin to put the markers inside at the dollar bin at Target(cars logo). Below is Easter basket 1 & 2 & 3. I know alot of basket for one child. I like to make a presentation(even tho it doesn't last long when he tears into it) out of the items and in order to make it look nice.......I have to use multiple baskets. I ended up using one of his Toys as a basket. That shopping cart bucket. Aaron likes to play store. so we bought him that shopping basket with Scanner and all the food items. So I used the cart for his basket. Just filled it with Easter grass.
Easter Eggs for the Easter hunt. Usually the hunt last for weeks. Maybe Aaron will be better at it this year?
I know I go overboard but I love holidays and Love to feel like a kid again buying all this for Aaron is fun. Just watching him have fun with it all. We never did Easter eggs growing up in my family. We did baskets and colored eggs. I don't color eggs. I did before Aaron was born. I think the eggs would sit around and get we stopped. I liked doing that but we just do the Plastic Easter eggs. Maybe when Aaron older we will do the coloring again. I do miss it!
I worked on my Easter Party Favors too. I bought these mini buckets at Target. I love that they had a place for name tags. So I stamped every one's name on their bucket. Filled it with Easter Candy and Grass. Same with the treat bags. Bought at Target. You have to love Target....Shopping under one roof and buy everything for your Easter needs. Ha!
I think I am ready for Easter. Just have to clean the house and buy groceries. It's suppose to snow on Friday. I am sick of winter..........................I was gearing up for my Porch project again but with all this snow talk it makes me not want to think of porches. It was really warm out today. I hate crazy Minnesota weather sometimes it's a roller coaster feeling. I love our state don't get me wrong.............but I hate this time of year in our state. We just don't get a nice spring here at all. Ok, Enough complaining .........enjoy getting ready for your Easter celebrations. I hope to hear about every one's Easter festivities.


Sandy said...

Your son is so lucky to have such a thoughtful and creative mom!I love the baskets with the names!
Happy Easter!


Danielle said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! I love WordWorld too and so do my kiddos ~ Kylan & Kennedy always watch it before Kylan goes to school :) It's super cute and so educational!

LOVE the Easter baskets your prepared and all of the extra little goodies for everyone else! Super creative!!!!!

MNScrapbookmom said...

So great to hear from you !!! Your little guy is going to be so happy !!! My kids are getting WebKinz this year. They got E-Pets from Santa, and apparently they are not "cool". So, today I went out and got them each a little bag of goodies, and their $14.99 Webkinz. I know they will be thrilled, but I think the Easter Bunny needs to dial it back down next year. I thought they were cheaper. OOPPSS...Oh well... Love all your creativity !!! Have a great weekend !!! ¥