Monday, March 31, 2008

Cupcakes Anyone?

It's cupcake week on Martha Stewart Show. Check out their website at Martha Stewart Living. Today's show had the ladies from that cupcake blog I told you about a few posts ago. You can read all about it on their Cupcake Blog.

Yummy ideas for Cupcakes. Myself, I am trying to stay away from the cakes since I am on a bit of a diet. Bummer! All these visuals of the cakes are making me rethink that diet!

Enjoy the cupcake reads!!!

It's snowing here today. Can't believe the snow is here once again. It will most likely melt right away. Still tired of the white stuff. Where is our spring?


Liz said...

Gotta love a good cupcake!
Sorry it is snowing there. It's been raining here for days...I can't take it anymore. I NEED the sun! Where is spring?

Sandy said...

Oo-la-la..I love your banner! I hear ya on the cupcakes! I have been doing Herbal Magic for 4 weekd and lost 7 pounds. I still crave cupcakes any day though-yikes!


Danielle said...

YUMMY,.... I LOVE cupcakes too!!! I'm so happy that she has segments on all week-long :D YUMMO :)

It was raining here for 1 day, then snowing all day yesterday...seems like we're getting the same weather! It's super chilly this morning too! YUCK!

Can't wait for spring....I just want to be able to take better pictures of flowers ehehheheh :D

Kari & Kijsa said...

MMMMmm- love cupcakes...such tiny wonderful yumms!

kari & kijsa