Thursday, November 22, 2007

Pumpkin Cheese Bread

Making this pumpkin cheese bread is a tradition for me to make. I make it for my family in the late fall season. I always try to make it around Thanksgiving. Nothing like the taste of pumpkin in November.

I got the recipe in this wonderful cookbook. Among Friends. I love the illustrations alone in this cookbook.

This pumpkin bread is a little different than most recipes. It has about 3 layers.

One is the batter, two a Cinnamon topping, and three is a ribbon of cream cheese filling in the middle. This is the key ingredient as it makes the bread really nice and moist. yet it has the crunchy Cinnamon topping throughout.

Plus, you get 2 bread pans out of this recipe. One for you and one to give to a friend, neighbor, family member or you can just eat them ALL!~ha!

This year's batch I tried to make an extra smaller mini bread pan. So I really got 2 and half loaves out of the deal.

Here are the recipes to share and as you can see...I wasn't kidding about the illustrations on these pages in the book. Aren't they just dang cute??? You can click on the image to enlarge . The recipe (like with most) I had to revise a little. I usually make 3x the toppings. I like alot of the topping on the bread. The Recipe doesn't make enough topping when you make 2 and half loaves.

Here is the "mess" on my center island. I like to get all my ingredients out first and than measure the ingredients and have the ready to throw into the mix. I ALMOST had a disaster in the kitchen.........when I had taken too many pumpkin pie spices out from the spice turns out I accidentally grabbed the NUTMEG. Good thing I noticed before I poured it into the mix. The pumpkin Pie spice is really a key ingredient. wouldn't want to mess that up.

Here is the results of the mess above..........the 3 mixes I talked about. The pumpkin you can see it makes ALOT. Below a pix of my Cinnamon/pumpkin topping (triple the topping ingredients). Finally the cream cheese filling. Just a tip: you don't end up using too much of this filling. Add too much and it will take forever to cook the bread and be over moist. Just a little zig zag ribbon in the middle of the mix.

Here is a photo of all 3 ready to go into the bread pans.

Here is the first step.....I put the cream cheese filling in the mix..... Just continue to make a little more zig zags and your good to go with the cheese. Like I said you don't want to add too much.

2nd Step: Just spread a thin layer of the topping on but make sure to keep enough for the top portion of the breads.

3rd step: Put more of the batter filling over making SURE not to fill too close to the top. You don't want it to rise and make a mess in your oven. So keep about 2/3 left or so at the top. Actually, I need to buy a little mini bread pan. I used my smallest bread pan for my half loaf I made. It ended up filling out a pretty good size bread just with my left overs. That bread is the one I have pictured below. Usually you can't see the cream cheese on the bread .....but I had too little ingredients left and just used what i had left over to fill this pan.........and that bread pictured was the result. Good way to use the left overs. I had alot of cheese filling left so I used more than usual on this bread. However, I didn't have too much topping left. So this small bread pictured doesn't have much of the tasty crusty topping. I do have a slice of bread pictured below that has the normal toppings and ingredients. I highly suggest making your bread with the topping. It really gives it a coffeecake like taste.

YUM.........getting hungry yet? My MIL got the extra bread that we shared. We ate the little mini half one setting and I still have some left overs from the bigger bread pan we made.


Debb said...

Hey there I'm going to try this pumpkin /cheese bread It looks so good Thanks,I make a permisson bread I have since big and sweet one Everyone around here wants them. Happy Thanksgiving see you on the 18 th

MNScrapbookmom said...

This looks so good... ¥

Sandy said...

Wow, I never tried anything like that. It looks yummy! That cook book is sweeet!

beth said...

I just printed it out and am going to try it tonight!!! i will let you know if mine turns out!!!!