Thursday, November 22, 2007

Preparing for Thanksgiving

I've been busy getting ready for Thanksgiving. Here is the table. It's been a tradition for our family to set the table the night before any dinner parties or Holidays. Here is the table set for Thanksgiving. I hope to enjoy the dinner today. The table set pretty basic for the FOOD is the main attraction to this Holiday Meal.

I bought some candles at Target for the centerpiece display. These candles were in a set of three and had cute berries wreaths for each candle.
I hate this tablecloth I have on my table. I decided to use it anyways. I bought this cloth and it was pricey but it's so dang HEAVY and wrinkles easily. I think it's meant for a square table too and my table is oval. Oh well, it is pretty as far as fall colors go.
Here's some more pixs of the table getting set. I have a swatch of that fabric above. I want to Thank My SIL and BIL (Donna and Bob)for giving us that very CUTE cornucopia. I have it displayed on my small table next to the big dining table. I use this little table for putting extra plates and the food once we pass it around. Not too much room to load my main table with food platters. So we pass he food around and store them on this table for easy reach.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and start to the Christmas Holiday Season. I'll be back posting tonight on all the yummy Turkey dinner photos.


Sandy said...

It looks like a wonderful restaurant! You host the best family parties girl!

Danielle said...

You have incredible decorating/hostess/party skills :) YOU ROCK!!!!!!