Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christmas Blog Party 2

What do you LOVE about your holiday home?

It's another FUN Christmas Blog party on Dec. 12 hosted by Karla's Cottage. Check out her blog site for details.
Looks like I have alot of Christmas happenings to prepare for early. I can't wait for this blog party too. Peeking in to every one's home for Christmas Cheer sounds like a blast! It's fun to see how everyone decorates for their traditions and holiday gatherings.

I made some pumpkin bread I need to post about soon.

My son Aaron is having his screening for kindergarten tomorrow. WOW.........time flies so fast! Wish him luck..........................I told him he's going to school tomorrow. I think he's excited! ha ha ha (I also told him the dentist would be FUN) LOL! He's up for his very first dentist appt. soon too. Lots of milestones!


Susan said...

Good luck Aaron!

Danielle said...

WOOHOOOO about the Christmas Blog Party :) I hope I'm able to make this one since I missed out on the Halloween one :(

YOUPPIE about Aaron's screening...that's so cool that he's going to school :) My little Kennedy is going to school next year and she's getting very anxious!!!!

Sandy said...

Awwww, Aaron is all grown up now! I agree that the blog party will be like peeking inside everyone's beautifully decorated homes!!! I have something special planned for it. Can't wait!