Thursday, November 8, 2007

Porch Floors and Walls

As promised a post about the progress of the porch. As you can see alot of progress since the footings post I made. These pixs are from this past couple weekends. So now there about ready to put up the roof trusses and sheathing. Hopefully they will get that all done this coming weekend. It's getting colder outside and we need to get this project DONE! Next week the roofers are coming to re roof the house. SO we have to get this done so they can roof the porch too. I think they can get it done. depending on the weather. I think this weekend is suppose to be fairly nice(no rain). That will help! Here is a few pixs of Doug getting the existing roof ready to attach the porch to it. He had to tear off some of the existing material. As you can see the footings are in and have been ok'ed from inspection so they started adding the boards to make the flooring and decking.

See in this pix BELOW......this is the side the deck will be on coming off the porch. As you can see the green lids in the dirt? That's our sprinkler valves and we had to access it so we couldn't put the deck over them. Well, turns out we didn't like how big our deck we are thinking of extending the deck over this area and make it work so we can still access our sprinkler valves. Of course, we figured we would do this after the fact. So maybe in the spring we will extend the deck over this area. We are in too much hurry to get the porch part done first. So we thought to wait it out.
Here is a pix a week later....of the walls are up. Almost ready to put the trusses on.

Here is a pix of our decking inside the porch. Doug needed to put these on first. So he could use the ladder inside to put the roof trusses on. So here a good pix of the maintenance free decking we picked out. Ha~Muffin was scared at first to step onto it. She is so goofy. A few pixs of Muffin getting use to the decking and flooring. This is so nice I can't even express how happy I am about this decking. I haven't been able to walk outside our patio door for ten years. Ha ha ha...ever since we moved in.........we NEVER did a thing with this area. We never could just walk outside to our backyard from the house. It's super nice!!! We still have to make steps from the decking but this is progress for now. Hee! I'm giddy with JOY!

Here is a pix of Aaron enjoying the decking too. I told him to do a jig and dance out on the deck floor. The three photos are of Aaron doing a jig dance on the new floor. Ha! Let's just say we all were happy with the progress. I can't wait til were completely done. The inside could take some time but at least we can plastic it off and heat it inside and Doug can work in cold if need be. The porch itself won't be very big(average size for Minnesota porches). However, it will be tall vaulted porch. The vaulted roof will make it seem larger. I plan on putting Bead board ..and not sure what color to make it(white or color). I was thinking WHITE but I saw this home that had painted green(a nice green color....antique like color)bead board and it was sooo cute! Will see? We will be putting a ceiling fan up ....and that is essential as that side of the house gets HOT. Should be fun......I have to wait a whole winter to enjoy this thing. Can you believe that? That will make it that more exciting waiting right? Gives me time to work on color schemes and furniture Ideas etc...etc......but I can't wait for our 4th of July. This porch will make that entertaining so much easier. As we use to eat in our screen gazebo tent...which was fun but bothersome................not attached to the house this is something to look forward too. I'm excited!


The Wisdom of Wislon said...

Aaron and doggie look as they're having fun on the decking! sweet!

Carolyn said...

Your porch is finally coming along nicely ! At last !
Muffin looks so cute , if not wary of it , i`m sure she`ll love it when it`s complete !

A Novelist said...

Yay a new deck! I love home improvements. :)

Kory Dordea said...

My goodness! That is going to look AWESOME when it is all done!

Debb said...

I have posted about achrismas party I'm having check it out on my blog
Thamks Debb

Sandy said...

The porch is coming along beautifully!

Danielle said...

WOW...the deck is coming along nicely :) I can't wait to see it all done!!!


Debb said...

Thakns for joinijg this is a first for me. I'll add your link on the 18 see you there